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Marshall B, 2021, 'Australia: Australian Perspectives on the Hague Principles', in Girsberger D; Kadner Graziano T; Neels JL; Elbalti B; Fredericks EA; Gama L; Marshall B; Moreno Rodríguez JA; Nishitani Y; Pertegás M; Saumier G (ed.), Choice of Law in International Commercial Contracts, OUP, Oxford, pp. 715 - 733,

Marshall B, 2020, 'Australia: Inconsistencies in the Treatment of Optional Choice of Court Agreements', in Keyes M (ed.), Optional Choice of Court Agreements in Private International Law, Springer Nature, pp. 51 - 86,

Marshall B, 2019, 'The 2005 Hague Convention: A Panacea for Non-Exclusive and Asymmetric Jurisdiction Agreements Too?', in Douglas M; Bath V; Keyes M; Dickinson A (ed.), Commercial Issues in Private International Law: A Common Law Perspective, Hart Publishing, Oxford, pp. 91 - 127,

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