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Sheaffer-Jones CF, 2015, 'Georges Bataille's 'Manet' and the 'strange impression of an absence'', in Edwards N; McCann B; Poiana P (ed.), Framing French Culture, University of Adelaide, Adelaide, pp. 231 - 255,

SHEAFFER-JONES, CF (ARTS & SOCIAL SCIENCES) , 2014, '"'Ce royaume qu'est l'exil', Les réflexions de Maurice Blanchot sur l'écriture d'Albert Camus"', in Hoppenot É; Rabaté D (ed.), L'Herne Blanchot, Editions de l'Herne, Paris, pp. 136 - 141,

Sheaffer-Jones CF, 2013, ''Comme un souvenir indestructible': L'instant de ma mort de Maurice Blanchot', in Milon A (ed.), Maurice Blanchot, entre roman et récit, Presses Universitaires de Paris Ouest, Paris, pp. 217 - 233

Sheaffer-Jones CF, 2010, '"As Though with a New Beginning": "Le dernier homme"', in Hart K (ed.), Clandestine encounters : philosophy in the narratives of Maurice Blanchot, University of Notre Dame Press, Notre Dame, IND., pp. 241 - 262

Sheaffer-Jones CF, 2008, '"La Parole du detour": Maurice Blanchot et Emmanuel Levinas', in Hoppenot E; Milon A (ed.), Emmanuel Lévinas- Maurice Blanchot. Penser la Différence, edn. 1, Presses Universitaires de Paris Ouest, France, pp. 494 - 508

Sheaffer-Jones CF, 2007, 'Playing and not Playing in Jean Genet`s The Balcony and The Blacks', in Fischer G; Greiner B (ed.), The Play Within the Play: The Performance of Meta-Theatre and Self-Reflection, edn. First, Rodopi Press, Amsterdam, pp. 47 - 58

Sheaffer-Jones CF, 2005, 'Figures of the Work: Blanchot and the Space of Literature', in Hill L; Nelson B; Vardoulakis D (ed.), After Blanchot: Literature, Criticism, Philosophy, edn. First, Univesity of Delaware Press, Newark, pp. 189 - 204

Sheaffer-Jones CF, 2000, 'Designing a Community Learning Environment Using a Bulletin Board System : A Trial with Advanced French Written Communication', in Technology and the Advanced Language Learner, edn. Original, Association of French Language Studies, United Kingdom, pp. 108 - 124

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