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Grazian C; Valle LD; Liseo B, 2021, Approximate Bayesian Conditional Copulas

Mastrantonio G; Grazian C; Mancinelli S; Bibbona E, 2018, New formulation of the Logistic-Gaussian process to analyze trajectory tracking data

Grazian C; Villa C; Liseo B, 2018, On a Loss-based prior for the number of components in mixture models

Grazian C; Leisen F; Liseo B, 2017, Modelling Preference Data with the Wallenius Distribution

Grazian C; Liseo B, 2015, Approximate Bayesian inference in semiparametric copula models

Grazian C; Liseo B, 2014, Approximate Integrated Likelihood via ABC methods

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