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Travaglini L; Micolich A; Cazorla C; Zeglio E; Lauto A; Mawad D, 2020, Flexible complementary logic circuit built from two identical organic electrochemical transistors

Sliow A; Ma Z; Gargiulo G; Mahns D; Mawad D; Breen P; Stoodley M; Houang J; Kuchel R; Tettamanzi G; Tilley RD; Frost SJ; Morley J; Longo L; Lauto A, 2018, Bioadhesive Graft-Antenna for Stimulation and Repair of Peripheral Nerves

Yan Y; Travaglini L; Lau K; Rnjak-Kovacina J; Eslami M; Yang S; Lauto A; Officer D; Mawad D, Impact of sterilization on a conjugated polymer based bioelectronic patch,

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