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Shirsath S;Wang D;Jadhav SS;Mane ML;Li SE A N, 2018, 'Ferrites Obtained by Sol–Gel Method', in Lisa K;Mario A;Andrei J (ed.), Handbook of Sol-Gel Science and Technology, edn. 2, Springer, Cham,

Bandyopadhyay S;Moorthy AA;Devasahayam S;Wang D;Fletcher J, 2016, 'Application of waste materials (fly ash) as novel energy materials', in Devasahayam S;Dowling K;Mahapatra MK (ed.), Sustainability in the mineral and energy sectors, edn. 1st, CRC Press, USA, pp. 691 - 705

Wang D, 2012, 'Epitaxial (Ba,Sr)TiO3 Ferroelectric Thin Films for Integrated Optics', in Kamanina N (ed.), Nonlinear Optics, edn. Original, INTECH, pp. 185 - 208,

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