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Akbarzadeh M; Oberst S; Sepehrirahnama S; Chiang YK; Halkon BJ; Melnikov A; Powell DA, 2022, 'A Numerical Study of Acoustic Radiation Forces for the Contactless Excitation of a Microcantilever', in NODYCON Conference Proceedings Series, Springer International Publishing, pp. 335 - 345,

Xu L; Rahmani M; Powell D; Neshev D; Miroshnichenko A, 2020, 'Nonlinear Metamaterials', in Emerging Frontiers in Nonlinear Science, Springer, pp. 55 - 55,

Powell DA; Liu M; Lapine M, 2015, 'Coupled electromagnetic and elastic dynamics in metamaterials', in Springer Series in Materials Science, pp. 59 - 87,

Ippolito SJ; Trinchi A; Powell DA; Wlodarski W, 2009, 'Acoustic Wave Gas and Vapor Sensors', in Solid State Gas Sensing, Springer US, pp. 1 - 44,

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