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Bronstein D, 2016, Aristotle on Knowledge and Learning: The Posterior Analytics, Oxford University Press

Book Chapters

Bronstein D, 2021, 'Learning from Models', in Plato's Statesman, Oxford University Press, pp. 94 - 114,

Bronstein D, 2019, 'Aristotle's Virtue Epistemology', in Hetherington S; Smith N (ed.), What the Ancients Offer to Contemporary Epistemology, Routledge, pp. 157 - 177

Bronstein D, 2017, 'Aristotle as Systematic Philosopher: Essence, Necessity, and Explanation in Theory and Practice', in What makes a Philosopher Great?: Thirteen Arguments for Twelve Philosophers, pp. 48 - 66,

Bronstein D, 2011, 'Beweis [Demonstration]', in Rapp C; Corcilius K (ed.), Handbuch Aristoteles, pp. 193 - 196

Journal articles

Bronstein D, 2021, 'Review of Timothy Clarke Aristotle and the Eleatic One', Mind,

Bronstein D; Schwab W, 2019, 'Is Plato an Innatist in the Meno?', Phronesis, pp. 1 - 39,

BRONSTEIN D, 2019, 'Aristotle on Predication and Demonstration', Manuscrito, vol. 42, pp. 85 - 121,

Bronstein D, 2018, 'Review of Mariska Leunissen From Natural Character to Moral Virtue in Aristotle', Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews,

Bronstein D, 2017, 'Review of Gail Fine The Possibility of Inquiry: Meno’s Paradox from Socrates to Sextus', Mind, vol. 126, pp. 631 - 634,

Bronstein D, 2016, 'Aristotle’s Critique of Plato’s Theory of Innate Knowledge', Logical Analysis and History of Philosophy, vol. 19, pp. 126 - 139,

Bronstein D, 2015, 'Essence, Necessity, and Demonstration in Aristotle', Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, vol. 90, pp. 724 - 732,

Mayo NE; Bronstein D; Scott SC; Finch LE; Miller S, 2014, 'Necessary and sufficient causes of participation post-stroke: Practical and philosophical perspectives', Quality of Life Research, vol. 23, pp. 39 - 47,

Bronstein D, 2014, 'Aristotle’s Theory of Demonstration, Revisited', Metascience: an international review journal for the history, philosophy and social studies of science, vol. 23, pp. 9 - 16

Bronstein D, 2012, 'The Origin and Aim of Posterior Analytics II.19', Phronesis, vol. 57, pp. 29 - 62,

Bronstein D, 2012, 'Comments on Ben Morison “An Aristotelian Distinction between Two Types of Knowledge”', Proceedings of the Boston Area Colloquium in Ancient Philosophy, vol. 27, pp. 118 - 122

Bronstein D, 2010, 'Meno's paradox in Posterior Analytics 1.1', Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy, vol. 38, pp. 115 - 141

Bronstein D, 2010, 'Comments on Gregory Salmieri “Aisthêsis, Empeiria, and the Advent of Universals in Posterior Analytics II 19”', Apeiron, vol. 43, pp. 187 - 194,

Bronstein D, 2010, 'Investigação e Paradaxo do Mênon: Aristóteles, Segundos Analíticos II 8', DoisPontos, vol. 7, pp. 107 - 130

Bronstein D, 2006, 'Review of A.P. Bos The Soul and Its Instrumental Body: A Reinterpretation of Aristotle’s Philosophy of Living Nature', Ancient Philosophy, vol. 26, pp. 422 - 427

Bronstein D, 2005, 'Hegel and the Holocaust', Animus, vol. 10,

Bronstein D, 2005, 'Review of Paolo C. Biondi Aristotle, Posterior Analytics II.19', Philosophy in Review, pp. 168 - 170

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