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Bronstein D, 2021, 'Learning from Models', in Plato's Statesman, Oxford University Press, pp. 94 - 114,

Bronstein D, 2019, 'Aristotle's Virtue Epistemology', in Hetherington S; Smith N (ed.), What the Ancients Offer to Contemporary Epistemology, Routledge, pp. 157 - 177

Bronstein D, 2017, 'Aristotle as Systematic Philosopher: Essence, Necessity, and Explanation in Theory and Practice', in What makes a Philosopher Great?: Thirteen Arguments for Twelve Philosophers, pp. 48 - 66,

Bronstein D, 2011, 'Beweis [Demonstration]', in Rapp C; Corcilius K (ed.), Handbuch Aristoteles, pp. 193 - 196

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