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Tillman D, 2019, 'Past the Museum Floor: Criteria for Curating Experience', in Giannini T; Bowen J (ed.), Museums and Digital Culture, Springer, May 2019, pp. 115 - 145,

Turnbull Tillman D; Velonaki M, 2016, 'Disruption and Reflection: A Curatorial Case Study', in England D; Schiphorst T; BryanKinns N (ed.), Springer Series on Cultural Computing, edn. Springer Series on Cultural Computing, SPRINGER INT PUBLISHING AG, pp. 181 - 201,

Tillman DJ; Turnbull Tillman, D ; Turnbull D; Connell M, 2014, 'Curating Digital Public Art', in Candy L; Ferguson S (ed.), Interactive Experience in the Digital Age., edn. 1, Springer International, Switzerland, pp. 221 - 242,

Turnbull D; Connell M, 2011, 'Prototyping Places: the museum', in Candy L; Edmonds E (ed.), Interacting: Art, Research and the Creative Practitioner, Libri Publishing, United Kingdom

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