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Dagraville R; Anwar M; Tomka K; Thorpe A; Kuch D; Milton A; Hasan K; McGrath B; Meegahapola L; Tirunagari S; Jalili M; Newman P; Verschuer M; Economou D; James B; Hargroves C; Mouritz M; Dwyer S; Nagrath K; Paevere P; Spak B; Pellow M; Chhaya S; Barnfather P; Jafari B; Fick J, 2021, Electric vehicles and the grid,

Roberts M; Adams S; Kuch D, 2020, VPP User Research - Final Report

Kuch DL; Ladwig J; Titus A; Webb S, 2013, Managing Low Emissions Coal Technologies project risk: The role of public awareness, Coal Innovation Board of the NSW Department of Trade and Investment,

Morgan B; Kuch D; Ngo J, 2013, Submission to Crowd-Sourced Equity Financing Enquiry (2013), Corporations and Market Activity Committee, Australian Federal Government

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