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Lau D; Magnan C; Hill K; Cooper A; Gambin Y; Sierecki E, 2021, Single molecule fingerprinting reveals different amplification properties of α-synuclein oligomers and preformed fibrils in seeding assay,

Lau D; Walsh J; Dickson C; Tuckwell A; Stear J; Hunter D; Bhumkar A; Shah V; Turville S; Sierecki E; Gambin Y; Böcking T; Jacques D, 2020, Rapid HIV-1 capsid interaction screening using fluorescence fluctuation spectroscopy,

Yoh SM; Mamede JI; Lau D; Ahn N; Sánchez-Aparicio MT; Temple J; Tuckwell A; Fuchs NV; Cianci GC; Riva L; Curry H; Yin X; Gambut S; Simons LM; Hultquist JF; König R; Xiong Y; García-Sastre A; Böcking T; Hope TJ; Chanda SK, Recognition of HIV-1 Capsid Licenses Innate Immune Response to Viral Infection,

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