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Book Chapters

Perche D; O'Neil J, 2019, 'Indigenous politics', in Chen P; Barry N; Butcher J; Clune D; Cook I; Garnier A; Haigh Y; Motta SC; Taflaga M (ed.), Australian Politics and Policy, Sydney University Press, pp. 390 - 411,

Perche D, 2018, ''ignore us at your peril, because we vote too': Indigenous Policy', in Double Disillusion: The 2016 Australian Federal Election, pp. 619 - 640,

Perche DE, 2017, 'Economic rationalism and Indigenous affairs: the project of "normalisation"', in Yeatman A (ed.), Economic Rationalism in Canberra Twenty-Five Years On - five essays, edn. Working Papers in the Human Rights and Public Life Program, Whitlam Institute, Western Sydney University, pp. 39 - 45,

Journal articles

Perche D, 2018, 'Recalibrating the machinery of government forIndigenous affairs: Towards a new policy design for self-determination', Australian Journal of Public Administration, vol. 77, pp. S28 - S36,

Perche D; Yeatman A, 2018, 'Taking ‘a rightful place in our own country’:Indigenous self-determination and the Australian people: A symposium', Australian Journal of Public Administration, pp. S2 - S4,


Perche D; Yeatman A (ed.), 2018, Taking ‘a rightful place in our own country’: Indigenous self‐determination and the Australian people: a Symposium, Wiley,

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