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Tran VT; Shivaramaiah NC; Nguyen TD; Glennon EP; Dempster AG, 2018, 'GNSS receiver implementations to mitigate the effects of commensurate sampling frequencies on DLL code tracking', GPS Solutions, vol. 22,

Tran VT; Shivaramaiah NC; Nguyen TD; Cheong JW; Glennon EP; Dempster AG, 2018, 'Generalised Theory on the Effects of Sampling Frequency on GNSS Code Tracking', Journal of Navigation, vol. 71, pp. 257 - 280,

Gu X; Chang Q; Glennon EP; Xu B; Dempster A; Wang D; Wu J, 2015, 'An autonomous satellite time synchronization system using remotely disciplined VC-OCXOs', Sensors (Switzerland), vol. 15, pp. 17895 - 17915,

Sarwar A; Rizos C; Glennon E, 2015, 'Performance of the High Sensitivity Open Source Multi-GNSS Assisted GNSS Reference Server: Benchmarking the OSGRSv2 in Indoor and Diverse Environments', Journal of Applied Geodesy, vol. 9, pp. 81 - 100,

Li Y; Glennon EP; Li R; Jiao Y; Dempster AG, 2012, 'Development of a spaceborne GPS receiver for precise relative navigation of formation flying small satellites', Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering, vol. 88., vol. 161, pp. 467 - 476,

Glennon EP; Dempster AG, 2011, 'Delayed PIC for postcorrelation mitigation of continuous wave and multiple access interference in GPS receivers', IEEE Transactions on Aerospace and Electronic Systems, vol. 47, pp. 2544 - 2557,

Glennon EP; Dempster AG; Rizos C, 2006, 'Feasibility of Air Target Detection Using GPS as a Bistatic Radar', Positioning

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