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Obbard E; Pantelis M, 2022, Interview with Dr Edward Obbard, FIVEaa Adelaide,

Obbard E; Kollar L; Martin N, 2022, Australia's nuclear energy industry: How to build skills and engage the public, UNSW Media,

James M; Obbard E, 2022, ABC Illawarra breakfast interview: Repatriating Australia's Nuclear Waste

Obbard E, 2022, Expert Reaction: Fire at Ukranian nuclear power plant, Australian Science Media Centre,

Coote G; Obbard E, 2022, AUKUS deal: can Australia build a whole new industry from the ground up?,

Buckley C, 2021, Nuclear-Powered Submarines for Australia? Maybe Not So Fast.,

Burgess M; Scott J, 2021, Nuclear Subs Put Workers in Australia's Shipbuilding Hub on Edge, Bloomberg News,

Dodd T, 2021, $1m gift boosts nuclear studies, The Australian

Kollar L; Obbard E; Martin N, 2021, $1m Gift to UNSW will educate a new generation of nuclear engineers, UNSW Media, UNSW Sydney,

Dodd T, 2021, AUKUS alliance: Submarines will require thousands of trained nuclear specialists, The Australian,

Szeps J; Obbard E, 2018, The people vs: Nuclear waste, ABC Radio National, Sydney, Australia,

Monopoli A; Obbard E, 2018, Fukushima, seven years on - The Wire, 2SER, Sydney, Australia,

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