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Suwannakot P; Lisi F; Ahmed E; Liang K; Babarao R; Gooding JJ; Donald WA, 2020, 'Metal-Organic Framework-Enhanced Solid-Phase Microextraction Mass Spectrometry for the Direct and Rapid Detection of Perfluorooctanoic Acid in Environmental Water Samples', Analytical Chemistry, vol. 92, pp. 6900 - 6908,

Lisi F; Peterson JR; Gooding JJ, 2020, 'The application of personal glucose meters as universal point-of-care diagnostic tools', Biosensors and Bioelectronics, vol. 148,

Chen X; Lisi F; Bakthavathsalam P; Longatte G; Hoque S; Tilley RD; Gooding JJ, 2020, 'Impact of the Coverage of Aptamers on a Nanoparticle on the Binding Equilibrium and Kinetics between Aptamer and Protein', ACS Sensors,

Tang J; Weston M; Kuchel RP; Lisi F; Liang K; Chandrawati R, 2020, 'Fabrication of polydiacetylene particles using a solvent injection method', Mater. Adv., pp. - - -,

Alshawawreh F; Lisi F; Ariotti N; Bakthavathsalam P; Benedetti T; Tilley RD; Gooding JJ, 2019, 'The use of a personal glucose meter for detecting procalcitonin through glucose encapsulated within liposomes', Analyst, vol. 144, pp. 6225 - 6230,

Gajic M; Lisi F; Kirkwood N; Smith TA; Mulvaney P; Rosengarten G, 2017, 'Circular luminescent solar concentrators', Solar Energy, vol. 150, pp. 30 - 37,

Richardson JJ; Liang K; Lisi F; Björnmalm M; Faria M; Guo J; Falcaro P, 2016, 'Controlling the Growth of Metal-Organic Frameworks Using Different Gravitational Forces', European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, vol. 2016, pp. 4499 - 4504,

Zanchetta E; Malfatti L; Ricco R; Styles MJ; Lisi F; Coghlan CJ; Doonan CJ; Hill AJ; Brusatin G; Falcaro P, 2015, 'ZnO as an efficient nucleating agent for rapid, room temperature synthesis and patterning of Zn-based metal-organic frameworks', Chemistry of Materials, vol. 27, pp. 690 - 699,

Lisi F; Falcaro P; Buso D; Hill AJ; Barr JA; Crameri G; Nguyen TL; Wang LF; Mulvaney P, 2012, 'Rapid detection of hendra virus using magnetic particles and quantum dots', Advanced Healthcare Materials, vol. 1, pp. 631 - 634,

Doherty CM; Gao Y; Marmiroli B; Amenitsch H; Lisi F; Malfatti L; Okada K; Takahashi M; Hill AJ; Innocenzi P; Falcaro P, 2012, 'Microfabrication of mesoporous silica encapsulated enzymes using deep X-ray lithography', Journal of Materials Chemistry, vol. 22, pp. 16191 - 16195,

Lisi F; Carta D; Villanova L; Poli I; Buso D; Costacurta S; Hill AJ; Falcaro P, 2011, 'Influence of the relative humidity on aminosilane molecular grafting properties', Journal of Sol-Gel Science and Technology, vol. 60, pp. 246 - 253,

Falcaro P; Normandin F; Takahashi M; Scopece P; Amenitsch H; Costacurta S; Doherty CM; Laird JS; Lay MDH; Lisi F; Hill AJ; Buso D, 2011, 'Dynamic control of MOF-5 crystal positioning using a magnetic field', Advanced Materials, vol. 23, pp. 3901 - 3906,

Carta D; Villanova L; Costacurta S; Patelli A; Poli I; Vezzù S; Scopece P; Lisi F; Smith-Miles K; Hyndman RJ; Hill AJ; Falcaro P, 2011, 'Method for optimizing coating properties based on an evolutionary algorithm approach', Analytical Chemistry, vol. 83, pp. 6373 - 6380,

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