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Journal articles

Hu Y; Han G; Duan Y; Xiang F, 2024, 'A case of testicular adrenal residual tumors misdiagnosed by ultrasound as malignant tumors.', Asian J Surg,

Xiang F; Gupta A; Chaves A; Krix ZE; Watanabe K; Taniguchi T; Fuhrer MS; Peeters FM; Neilson D; Milošević MV; Hamilton AR, 2023, 'Intra-Zero-Energy Landau Level Crossings in Bilayer Graphene at High Electric Fields', Nano Letters, 23, pp. 9683 - 9689,

Wong JC; Cheng X; Musavigharavi P; Xiang F; Hamilton AR; Valanoor N; Sando D, 2022, 'Understanding the Role of Defective Phases on the Conductivity Behavior of Strained Epitaxial LaNiO3Thin Films', ACS Applied Electronic Materials, 4, pp. 1196 - 1205,

Tan C; Deng MX; Zheng G; Xiang F; Albarakati S; Algarni M; Farrar L; Alzahrani S; Partridge J; Yi JB; Hamilton AR; Wang RQ; Wang L, 2021, 'Spin-Momentum Locking Induced Anisotropic Magnetoresistance in Monolayer WTe2', Nano Letters, 21, pp. 9005 - 9011,

Sharma P; Xiang FX; Shao DF; Zhang D; Tsymbal EY; Hamilton AR; Seidel J, 2019, 'A room-temperature ferroelectric semimetal', Science Advances, 5,

Albarakati S; Tan C; Chen ZJ; Partridge JG; Zheng G; Farrar L; Mayes ELH; Field MR; Lee C; Wang Y; Xiong Y; Tian M; Xiang F; Hamilton AR; Tretiakov OA; Culcer D; Zhao YJ; Wang L, 2019, 'Antisymmetric magnetoresistance in van der Waals Fe3GeTe2/graphite/Fe3GeTe2 trilayer heterostructures', Science Advances, 5,

Xiang FX; Srinivasan A; Du ZZ; Klochan O; Dou SX; Hamilton AR; Wang XL, 2018, 'Thickness-dependent electronic structure in WTe2 thin films', Physical Review B, 98,

Hu S; Cazorla C; Xiang F; Ma H; Wang J; Wang J; Wang X; Ulrich C; Chen L; Seidel J, 2018, 'Strain control of giant magnetic anisotropy in metallic perovskite SrCoO3-δ thin films', ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, 10, pp. 22348 - 22355,

Cao Q; Yun FF; Sang L; Xiang F; Liu G; Wang X, 2017, 'Defect introduced paramagnetism and weak localization in two-dimensional metal VSe2', Nanotechnology, 28,

Tseng LT; Suter A; Wang YR; Xiang FX; Bian P; Ding X; Tseng A; Hu HL; Fan HM; Zheng RK; Wang XL; Salman Z; Prokscha T; Suzuki K; Liu R; Li S; Morenzoni E; Yi JB, 2017, 'Intrinsic and spatially nonuniform ferromagnetism in Co-doped ZnO films', Physical Review B, 96,

Kalantari M; Yu M; Noonan O; Song H; Xu C; Huang X; Xiang F; Wang X; Yu C, 2017, 'Rattle-type magnetic mesoporous hollow carbon as a high-performance and reusable adsorbent for water treatment', Chemosphere, 166, pp. 109 - 117,

Xiang FX; Veldhorst M; Dou SX; Wang XL, 2015, 'Multiple Fermi pockets revealed by Shubnikov-de Haas oscillations in WTe2', EPL, 112,

Yan YJ; Ren MQ; Liu X; Huang ZC; Jiang J; Fan Q; Miao J; Xie BP; Xiang F; Wang X; Zhang T; Feng DL, 2015, 'Scanning tunneling microscopy study of the possible topological surface states in BiTeCl', Journal of Physics Condensed Matter, 27,

Xiang FX; Wang XL; Veldhorst M; Dou SX; Fuhrer MS, 2015, 'Observation of topological transition of Fermi surface from a spindle torus to a torus in bulk Rashba spin-split BiTeCl', Physical Review B - Condensed Matter and Materials Physics, 92,

Xi'Ang FX; Wang XL; Xun X; De Silva KSB; Wang YX; Dou SX, 2013, 'Evidence for transformation from δtc to δl pinning in MgB2 by graphene oxide doping with improved low and high field Jc and pinning potential', Applied Physics Letters, 102,

Li WX; Xu X; De Silva KSB; Xiang FX; Dou SX, 2013, 'Graphene micro-substrate induced high electron-phonon coupling in MgB 2', IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity, 23,

De Silva KSB; Xu X; Wang XL; Wexler D; Attard D; Xiang F; Dou SX, 2012, 'A significant improvement in the superconducting properties of MgB 2 by co-doping with graphene and nano-SiC', Scripta Materialia, 67, pp. 802 - 805,

Conference Papers

Shabbir B; Wang XL; Ghorbani SR; Dou SX; Xiang F, 2015, 'Hydrostatic pressure induced transition from δtC to δℓ pinning mechanism in MgB2', in Superconductor Science and Technology,


Duan Y; Zhang W; Li Q; Ji L; Cao C; Cao H; You M; Liu J; Sun Z; Zhang Z; Song Y; Zhang L; Xiang F; Xie M, 2021, Lung Ultrasound in COVID-19 Patients: Characteristics and Factors Affecting its Diagnostic Accuracy, ,

Tan C; Deng M-X; Xiang F; Zheng G; Albarakati S; Algarni M; Partridge J; Hamilton AR; Wang R-Q; Wang L, 2020, Determination of the spin orientation of helical electrons in monolayer WTe2, ,

Wang X; Xiang F; Cortie D; Yue Z; Li Z; Zhang Z; Sang L, 2019, Giant and Linear Magnetoresistance in Liquid Metals at Ambient Temperature, ,

Albarakati S; Tan C; Chen Z-J; Partridge JG; Zheng G; Farrar L; Mayes ELH; Field MR; Lee C; Wang Y; Xiong Y; Tian M; Xiang F; Hamilton AR; Tretiakov OA; Culcer D; Zhao Y-J; Wang L, 2019, Antisymmetric magnetoresistance in van der Waals Fe3GeTe2/graphite/Fe3GeTe2 tri-layer heterostructures, ,

Xiang F-X; Srinivasan A; Klochan O; Dou S-X; Hamilton AR; Wang X-L, 2017, Thickness dependent electronic structure in WTe$_2$ thin films, ,

Xiang F-X; Veldhorst M; Dou S-X; Wang X-L, 2015, Multiple Fermi pockets revealed by Shubnikov-de Haas oscillations in WTe2, ,

Xiang F-X; Wang X-L; Veldhorst M; Dou S-X; Fuhrer MS, 2015, Observation of topological transition of Fermi surface from a spindle-torus to a torus in large bulk Rashba spin-split BiTeCl, ,

Xiang F-X; Wang X-L; Dou S-X, 2014, Transport evidence for the coexistence of the topological surface state and a two-dimensional electron gas in BiSbTe3 topological insulator, ,

Xiang FX; Wang XL; Dou SX, 2014, Transport evidence of robust topological surface state in BiTeCl single crystals, the first strong inversion asymmetric topological insulator, ,

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