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Duan Y; Zhang W; Li Q; Ji L; Cao C; Cao H; You M; Liu J; Sun Z; Zhang Z; Song Y; Zhang L; Xiang F; Xie M, 2021, Lung Ultrasound in COVID-19 Patients: Characteristics and Factors Affecting its Diagnostic Accuracy, ,

Tan C; Deng M-X; Xiang F; Zheng G; Albarakati S; Algarni M; Partridge J; Hamilton AR; Wang R-Q; Wang L, 2020, Determination of the spin orientation of helical electrons in monolayer WTe2, ,

Wang X; Xiang F; Cortie D; Yue Z; Li Z; Zhang Z; Sang L, 2019, Giant and Linear Magnetoresistance in Liquid Metals at Ambient Temperature, ,

Albarakati S; Tan C; Chen Z-J; Partridge JG; Zheng G; Farrar L; Mayes ELH; Field MR; Lee C; Wang Y; Xiong Y; Tian M; Xiang F; Hamilton AR; Tretiakov OA; Culcer D; Zhao Y-J; Wang L, 2019, Antisymmetric magnetoresistance in van der Waals Fe3GeTe2/graphite/Fe3GeTe2 tri-layer heterostructures, ,

Xiang F-X; Srinivasan A; Klochan O; Dou S-X; Hamilton AR; Wang X-L, 2017, Thickness dependent electronic structure in WTe$_2$ thin films, ,

Xiang F-X; Veldhorst M; Dou S-X; Wang X-L, 2015, Multiple Fermi pockets revealed by Shubnikov-de Haas oscillations in WTe2, ,

Xiang F-X; Wang X-L; Veldhorst M; Dou S-X; Fuhrer MS, 2015, Observation of topological transition of Fermi surface from a spindle-torus to a torus in large bulk Rashba spin-split BiTeCl, ,

Xiang F-X; Wang X-L; Dou S-X, 2014, Transport evidence for the coexistence of the topological surface state and a two-dimensional electron gas in BiSbTe3 topological insulator, ,

Xiang FX; Wang XL; Dou SX, 2014, Transport evidence of robust topological surface state in BiTeCl single crystals, the first strong inversion asymmetric topological insulator, ,

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