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Zajitschek F;Bonduriansky R, 2014, 'Quantitative genetics of wild populations of arthropods', in Charmantier A;Garant D;Kruuk LE B (ed.), QUANTITATIVE GENETICS IN THE WILD, OXFORD UNIV PRESS, pp. 147 - 159,

Journal articles

Colchero F;Jones O;Conde DA;Hodgson D;Zajitschek F;Schmidt BR;Malo AF;Alberts SC;Becker PH;Bouwhuis S;Bronikowski AM;De Vleeschouwer KM;Delahay RJ;Dummermuth S;Fernández-Duque E;Frisenvænge J;Hesselsøe M;Larson S;Lemaître JF;McDonald J;Miller DA W;O'Donnell C;Packer C;Raboy BE;Reading CJ;Wapstra E;Weimerskirch H;While GM;Baudisch A;Flatt T;Coulson T;Gaillard JM, 2019, 'The diversity of population responses to environmental change', Ecology Letters, vol. 22, pp. 342 - 353,

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Zajitschek F;Georgolopoulos G;Vourlou A;Ericsson M;Zajitschek SR K;Friberg U;Maklakov AA, 2018, 'Evolution Under Dietary Restriction Decouples Survival From Fecundity in Drosophila melanogaster Females.', J Gerontol A Biol Sci Med Sci,

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Zajitschek F;Zajitschek S;Manier M, 2017, 'High-protein paternal diet confers an advantage to sons in sperm competition', Biology Letters, vol. 13,

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Chen HY;Zajitschek F;Maklakov AA, 2013, 'Why ageing stops: heterogeneity explains late-life mortality deceleration in nematodes.', Biology letters, vol. 9, pp. 20130217,

Chen HY;Zajitschek F;Maklakov AA, 2013, 'Why ageing stops: Heterogeneity explains late-life mortality deceleration in nematodes', Biology Letters, vol. 9,

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Conference Papers

Lailvaux SP;Zajitschek F;Brooks R, 2010, 'Sex, death and aging: life history trade-offs between reproductive investment and whole-organism performance in Teleogryllus commodus crickets', in INTEGRATIVE AND COMPARATIVE BIOLOGY, OXFORD UNIV PRESS INC, Seattle, WA, pp. E96 - E96, presented at Annual Meeting of the Society-for-Integrative-and-Comparative-Biology, Seattle, WA, 03 - 07 January 2010,


Zajitschek F;Zajitschek S;Manier M, 2017, Erratum: Correction to 'High-protein paternal diet confers an advantage to sons in sperm competition' (Biology letters (2017) 13 2 PII: 20170297),

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