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Halloran LJ;Rau GC;Kennedy JP;Li CP;Roshan H;Andersen MS, 2016, 'Applied thermal methods in unsaturated zone hydrology', Sydney, NSW, presented at International Conference on Porous Media & First Annual Meeting of Australian Chapter of InterPore, Sydney, NSW, 30 November - 02 December 2016

Baker AB;treble ;Coleborn ;Mahmud ;Markowska ;Flemons, 2015, 'Hundreds of automatic drip counters reveal infiltration water discharge characteristics in Australian caves', San Francisco, presented at American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, San Francisco, 14 - 18 December 2015,

Halloran LJ;Rau GC;Andersen MS;Roshan H;Acworth, 2015, 'Natural temperature variations and soil moisture content in the vadose zone', Canberra, ACT, Australia, presented at Australian Groundwater Conference, Canberra, ACT, Australia, 03 - 05 November 2015,

Halloran LJ S;Roshan H;Rau GC;Cuthbert MO;Andersen MS;Acworth I, 2015, 'Soil moisture content estimation from passive temperature measurements', Vienna, pp. 1312, presented at EGU General Assembly, Vienna, 12 - 17 April 2015,

Rau GC;Rutlidge H;Andersen MS;Unland NP;Hofmann H;Gilfedder BS;Atkinson A;Cartwright I;Baker A;Acworth RI, 2015, '222-Rn and hydrochemical parameters reveal natural and induced surface groundwater exchange pathways', Vienna, Austria, presented at International Symposium on Isotope Hydrology, Vienna, Austria, 11 - 15 May 2015,

Rutlidge HT;Andersen MS;Rau GC;Cuthbert MO;Graham PW;Unland NP;Hofmann H;Gilfidder BS;Atkinson A;Cartwright I;Halloran L;Baker A, (eds.), 2014, 'Use of fluorescence in conjunction with radon activity to monitor groundwater-surface water interactions in a system under stress', Sacramento, presented at Goldschmidt2014, Sacramento, 08 - 13 June 2014

Keshavarzi M;Graham P;Baker A;Kelly BF;Andersen M;Rau G;Acworth RI;Smithson A, 2014, 'Understanding River - Groundwater Interactions in a Karst System, Wellington, NSW', Newcastle, Australia, presented at Sustainable Australia, Australian Earth Science Convention 2014, Newcastle, Australia, 07 - 10 July 2014,

Roshan H;Young M;Andersen MS;Halloran L;McCallum AM;Rau GC;Acworth RI, 2013, 'Evaluating thermal response of Fiber Optic Distributed Temperature Sensing', Perth, Australia, presented at 40th IAH International Convention, Perth, Australia, 15 - 20 September 2013

Rau GC;Andersen MS;McCallum AM;Acworth RI, 2008, 'Field and Numerical Investigation of Surface Water Groundwater Interactions Using Natural Heat as a Tracer – Deviation from the 1D Flow Assumption', Carins, Australia, presented at Western Pacific AGU Meeting, Carins, Australia, 28 July - 01 August 2008

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