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Kim L-J; Chalmers T; Smith G; Li C; Das A; Poon WKE; Wang J; Tucker S; Sinclair D; Quek L-E; Wu L, Nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN) deamidation and indirect regulation of the NAD metabolome,

Lee K; Vakili S; Burden HJ; Adams S; Smith GC; Kulatea B; Wright-McNaughton M; Sword D; Watene-O’Sullivan C; Atiola RD; Paul RG; Plank LD; Wilcox P; Kallingappa P; Merriman TR; Krebs JD; Hall RM; Murphy R; Merry TL; Shepherd PR, The minor allele of the CREBRF rs373863828 p.R457Q coding variant is associated with reduced levels of myostatin in males: Implications for body composition,

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