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Creative Written Works

Keulemans G, 2021, Time to start thinking about the world you don’t want., Friends and Associates,

Keulemans G, 2020, The case for wood, 'Pembaharu', Garland Magazine,

Keulemans G; Hashimoto K, 2020, Differing Perspectives, an exhibition essay, Differing Perspectives, new works by Calum Hurley and Jordan Leeflang, Craft ACT,

Keulemans G, 2020, Notes on Life & Death, a manifesto, Life & Death by Friends & Associates, Friends & Associates,

Keulemans G, 2019, Notes on the idea of a wasteland: Welcome to Wasteland Catalogue Essay, Welcome to Wasteland exhibition, Hardiman D, (ed.), Friends & Associates,

Keulemans G, 2018, Liam Mugavin, Liam Mugavin: Unconfined by Convention, Studio Liam Mugavin,

Keulemans G, 2018, Foreword to Seasonal Abandonment of Imaginary Worlds, Seasonal Abandonment of Imaginary Worlds by Carine Thevenau, Zé Studio , (ed.), Éditions Edizioni,

Keulemans G; Rubenis N; Marks A, 2016, In Brief: Object Therapy, Object Therapy: a research and remaking project, Hotel Hotel,

Keulemans G, 2015, Guy Keulemans (Proposal for a Practical Work), Unmaking Waste: Transforming production and consumption in time and place,, Thornton K, (ed.), Zero Waste SA Research Centre for Sustainable Design and Behaviour, University of South Australia

Keulemans G, 2011, Proposal for Platform 21, Curatorial Cooking: the Design Practice of Platform 21, Zanden JVD, (ed.), ArtEZ Press d'jonge Hond,

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