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Barceló J; Grzybowska H; Orozco JA, 2018, 'City logistics', in Handbook of Heuristics, pp. 887 - 930,

Barcelo J; Grzybowska H; Orozco J, 2017, 'City Logistics', in Marti R; Panos P; Resende M (ed.), Handbook of Heuristics, Springer International Publishing, pp. 1 - 44,

Barcelo J; Arturo Orozco J; Grzybowska H, 2013, 'Making Real-Time Fleet Management Decisions Under Time-Dependent Conditions in Urban Freight Distribution', in BenAkiva M; Meersman H; VanDeVoorde E (ed.), FREIGHT TRANSPORT MODELLING, EMERALD GROUP PUBLISHING LTD, pp. 453 - 484,

Barcelo J; Grzybowska H; Pardo S, 2007, 'VEHICLE ROUTING AND SCHEDULING MODELS, SIMULATION AND CITY LOGISTICS', in Zeimpekis V; Tarantilis CD; Giaglis GM; Minis I (ed.), DYNAMIC FLEET MANAGEMENT: CONCEPTS, SYSTEMS, ALGORITHMS & CASE STUDIES, edn. Operations Research Computer Science Interfaces, SPRINGER, pp. 163 - 195,

Grzybowska H; Barcelo J; Pardo S, 2005, 'Evaluation of the Operations at Port Terminals by Microscopic Simulation: Study of the Port of Livorno', in AIMSUN NG User’s Manual, TSS-Transport Simulation Systems, February 2005,

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