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Virdi N; Grzybowska H; Waller ST; Dixit V, 2019, 'A safety assessment of mixed fleets with Connected and Autonomous Vehicles using the Surrogate Safety Assessment Module', Accident Analysis and Prevention

Grzybowska H; Willmott S; Waller ST, 2019, 'The impact of global on-line information provision on transport networks and how random early detection can help', Transportmetrica B,

Hammad AW A; Rey D; Bu-Qammaz A; Grzybowska H; Akbarnezhad A, 2019, 'Mathematical optimization in enhancing the sustainability of aircraft trajectory: A review', International Journal of Sustainable Transportation,

Hammad A; Akbarnezhad A; Grzybowska H; Wu P; Wang X, 2019, 'Mathematical optimisation of location and design of windows by considering energy performance, lighting and privacy of buildings', Smart and Sustainable Built Environment, vol. 8, pp. 117 - 137,

Duell M; Grzybowska H; Rey D; Waller ST, 2018, 'Strategic dynamic traffic assignment incorporating travel demand uncertainty', Transportmetrica B,

Nair DJ; Grzybowska H; Fu Y; Dixit VV, 2018, 'Scheduling and routing models for food rescue and delivery operations', Socio-Economic Planning Sciences, vol. 63, pp. 18 - 32,

Nair DJ; Grzybowska H; Rey D; Dixit V, 2016, 'Food rescue and delivery: Heuristic algorithm for periodic unpaired pickup and delivery vehicle routing problem', Transportation Research Record, vol. 2548, pp. 81 - 89,

Duell M; Saxena N; Chand S; Amini N; Grzybowska H; Waller ST, 2016, 'Deployment and Calibration Considerations for Large-Scale Regional Dynamic Traffic Assignment: A Case Study for Sydney, Australia', Transportation Research Record,

Grzybowska H; Gretton C; Kilby P; Waller ST, 2015, 'Decision support system for a real-time field service engineer scheduling problem with emergencies and collaborations', Transportation Research Record, vol. 2497, pp. 117 - 123,

Grzybowska H; Barcelo J, 2012, 'Decision support system for real-time urban freight management', SEVENTH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON CITY LOGISTICS, vol. 39, pp. 712 - 725,

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