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Working Papers

Mohottige IP; Habibi Gharakheili H; Sivaraman V; Moors T, 2021, Modeling Classroom Occupancy using Data of WiFi Infrastructure in a University Campus,,,

Deng X; Feng Y; Sutjarittham T; Habibi Gharakheili H; Gallego B; Sivaraman V, 2021, Comparing Broadband ISP Performance using Big Data from M-Lab,,,

Hu K; Rahman A; Habibi Gharakheili H; Sivaraman V, 2020, HazeDose: Design and Analysis of a Personal Air Pollution Inhaled Dose Estimation System using Wearable Sensors,,,

Deng X; Feng Y; Habibi Gharakheili H; Sivaraman V, 2019, Estimating Residential Broadband Capacity using Big Data from M-Lab, arXiv,,,

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