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Collins CE; Sim SA; Shingles LJ; Gronow S; Roepke FK; Pakmor R; Seitenzahl IR; Kromer M, 2023, Helium as a signature of the double detonation in Type Ia supernovae, ,

Graur O; Gonzalez EP; Burke J; Deckers M; Jha SW; Galbany L; Karamenhmetoglu E; Stritzinger MD; Maguire K; Howell DA; Fisher R; Fullard AG; Handberg R; Hosseinzadeh G; Kerzendorf WE; McCully C; Newsome M; Rest A; Riess AG; Seitenzahl IR; Shara MM; Shen KJ; Terreran G; Zurek DR, 2023, No plateau observed in late-time near-infrared observations of the underluminous Type Ia supernova 2021qvv, ,

Burmester UP; Ferrario L; Pakmor R; Seitenzahl IR; Ruiter AJ; Hole M, 2023, AREPO White Dwarf merger simulations resulting in edge-lit detonation and run-away hypervelocity companion, ,

Guest BT; Borkowski KJ; Ghavamian P; Petre R; Picquenot A; Reynolds SP; Seitenzahl IR; Williams BJ, 2023, Rapid Expansion of the Young Type Ia Supernova Remnant 0519-69.0: More Evidence for a Circumstellar Shell, ,

Crawford CL; Tisserand P; Clayton GC; Soon J; Bessell M; Wood P; Garcia-Hernandez DA; Ruiter AJ; Seitenzahl IR, 2022, A Spectral Classification System for Hydrogen-deficient Carbon Stars, ,

Guest BT; Borkowski KJ; Ghavamian P; Petre R; Reynolds SP; Seitenzahl IR; Williams BJ, 2022, An X-ray Proper Motion Study of the LMC SNR 0509-67.5, ,

Williams BJ; Ghavamian P; Seitenzahl IR; Reynolds SP; Borkowski KJ; Petre R, 2022, Evidence for a Dense, Inhomogeneous Circumstellar Medium in the Type Ia SNR 0519-69.0, ,

Eitner P; Bergemann M; Ruiter AJ; Avril O; Seitenzahl IR; Gent MR; Côté B, 2022, Observational constraints on the origin of the elements. V. Non-LTE abundance ratios of [Ni/Fe] in Galactic stars and enrichment by sub-Chandrasekhar mass SNe, ,

Tiwari V; Graur O; Fisher R; Seitenzahl I; Leung S-C; Nomoto K; Perets HB; Shen K, 2022, The Late-Time Light Curves of Type Ia Supernovae: Confronting Models with Observations, ,

Shingles LJ; Flörs A; Sim SA; Collins CE; Roepke FK; Seitenzahl IR; Shen KJ, 2022, Modelling the ionisation state of Type Ia supernovae in the nebular-phase, ,

Pakmor R; Callan FP; Collins CE; Mink SED; Holas A; Kerzendorf WE; Kromer M; Neunteufel PG; O'Brien JT; Roepke FK; Ruiter AJ; Seitenzahl IR; Shingles LJ; Sim SA; Taubenberger S, 2022, On the fate of the secondary white dwarf in double-degenerate double-detonation Type Ia supernovae, ,

Guest BT; Blair WP; Borkowski KJ; Ghavamian P; Hendrick SP; Long KS; Petre R; Raymond JC; Rest A; Sankrit R; Seitenzahl IR; Williams BJ, 2022, Locating the CSM Emission within the Type Ia Supernova Remnant N103B, ,

Tisserand P; Crawford CL; Clayton GC; Ruiter AJ; Karambelkar V; Bessell MS; Seitenzahl IR; Kasliwal MM; Soon J; Travouillon T, 2021, The dawn of a new era for dustless HdC stars with GAIA eDR3, ,

Stone AG; Johnson HT; Blondin JM; Watson RA; Borkowski KJ; Frohlich C; Seitenzahl IR; Reynolds SP, 2021, Type Ia Supernova Models: Asymmetric Remnants and Supernova Remnant G1.9+0.3, ,

Li C-J; Chu Y-H; Raymond JC; Leibundgut B; Seitenzahl IR; Morlino G, 2021, Forbidden Line Emission from Type Ia Supernova Remnants Containing Balmer-Dominated Shells, ,

Chen T-W; Brennan S; Wesson R; Fraser M; Schweyer T; Inserra C; Schulze S; Nicholl M; Anderson J; Hsiao E; Jerkstrand A; Kankare E; Kool E; Kravtsov T; Kuncarayakti H; Leloudas G; Li C-J; Matsuura M; Pursiainen M; Roy R; Ruiter A; Schady P; Seitenzahl I; Sollerman J; Tartaglia L; Wang L; Yates R; Yang S; Baade D; Carini R; Gal-Yam A; Galbany L; González-Gaitán S; Gromadzki M; Gutierrez C; Kotak R; Maguire K; Mazzali PPA; Müller-Bravo T; Paraskeva E; Pessi P; Pignata G; Rau A; Young D, 2021, SN 2018bsz: significant dust formation in a nearby superluminous supernova, ,

Sharda P; Menon SH; Federrath C; Krumholz MR; Beattie JR; Jameson KE; Tokuda K; Burkhart B; Crocker RM; Law CJ; Seta A; Gaetz TJ; Pingel NM; Seitenzahl IR; Sano H; Fukui Y, 2021, First extragalactic measurement of the turbulence driving parameter: ALMA observations of the star-forming region N159E in the Large Magellanic Cloud, ,

Li C-J; Seitenzahl IR; Ishioka R; Chu Y-H; Ruiter AJ; Vogt FPA, 2021, Searching for Surviving Companion in the Young SMC Supernova Remnant 1E 0102.2-7219, ,

Panther FH; Seitenzahl IR; Ruiter AJ; Siegert T; Sim S; Crocker RM, 2021, Prospects of direct detection of $^{48}$V gamma-rays from thermonuclear supernovae, ,

Gronow S; Cote B; Lach F; Seitenzahl IR; Collins CE; Sim SA; Roepke FK, 2021, Metallicity-dependent nucleosynthetic yields of Type Ia supernovae originating from double detonations of sub-M$_{\text{Ch}}$ white dwarfs, ,

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Kuuttila J; Gilfanov M; Woods TE; Seitenzahl IR; Ruiter AJ, 2020, LIN 358: A symbiotic binary accreting above the steady hydrogen fusion limit, ,

Maxted NI; Ruiter AJ; Belczynski K; Seitenzahl IR; Crocker RM, 2020, A supernova remnant associated with a nascent black hole low-mass X-ray binary, ,

Yew M; Filipović MD; Stupar M; Points SD; Sasaki M; Maggi P; Haberl F; Kavanagh PJ; Parker QA; Crawford EJ; Vukotić B; Urošević D; Sano H; Seitenzahl IR; Rowell G; Leahy D; Bozzetto LM; Maitra C; Leverenz H; Payne JL; Park LAF; Alsaberi RZE; Pannuti TG, 2020, New Optically Identified Supernova Remnants in the Large Magellanic Cloud, ,

Lach F; Roepke FK; Seitenzahl IR; Coté B; Gronow S; Ruiter AJ, 2020, Nucleosynthesis imprints from different Type Ia Supernova explosion scenarios and implications for galactic chemical evolution, ,

Blair WP; Ghavamian P; Raymond JC; Williams BJ; Sankrit R; Long KS; Winkler PF; Pirzkal N; Seitenzahl IR, 2020, Imagery and UV Spectroscopy of the LMC Supernova Remnant N103B Using HST, ,

Eitner P; Bergemann M; Hansen CJ; Cescutti G; Seitenzahl I; Larsen S; Plez B, 2020, Observational constraints on the origin of the elements. III. Evidence for the dominant role of sub-Chandrasekhar SN Ia in the chemical evolution of Mn and Fe in the Galaxy, ,

Bulla M; Liu Z-W; Roepke FK; Sim SA; Fink M; Kromer M; Pakmor R; Seitenzahl IR, 2020, White dwarf deflagrations for Type Iax supernovae: Polarisation signatures from the explosion and companion interaction, ,

Gronow S; Collins C; Ohlmann ST; Pakmor R; Kromer M; Seitenzahl IR; Sim SA; Roepke FK, 2020, SNe Ia from double detonations: Impact of core-shell mixing on the carbon ignition mechanism, ,

Reyes MACDL; Kirby EN; Seitenzahl IR; Shen KJ, 2020, Manganese Indicates a Transition from Sub- to Near-Chandrasekhar Type Ia Supernovae in Dwarf Galaxies, ,

Shingles LJ; Sim SA; Kromer M; Maguire K; Bulla M; Collins C; Ballance CP; Michel AS; Ramsbottom CA; Roepke FK; Seitenzahl IR; Tyndall NB, 2019, Monte Carlo radiative transfer for the nebular phase of Type Ia supernovae, ,

Graur O; Maguire K; Ryan R; Nicholl M; Avelino A; Riess AG; Shingles L; Seitenzahl IR; Fisher R, 2019, A year-long plateau in the late-time near-infrared light curves of Type Ia supernovae, ,

Maxted NI; Filipovic MD; Hurley-Walker N; Bojicic I; Rowell GP; Haberl F; Ruiter AJ; Seitenzahl IR; Panther F; Wong GF; Braiding C; Burton M; Puhlhofer G; Sano H; Fukui Y; Sasaki M; Tian W; Su H; Cui X; Leahy D; Hancock PJ, 2019, A Supernova Remnant Counterpart for HESS J1832-085, ,

Seitenzahl IR; Ghavamian P; Laming JM; Vogt FPA, 2019, Optical tomography of chemical elements synthesized in Type Ia supernovae, ,

Panther FH; Seitenzahl IR; Ruiter AJ; Crocker RM; Lidman C; Wang EX; Tucker BE; Groves B, 2019, SN1991bg-like supernovae are associated with old stellar populations, ,

Ferrand G; Warren DC; Ono M; Nagataki S; Roepke FK; Seitenzahl IR, 2019, From the supernova to the supernova remnant: the three-dimensional imprint of a thermonuclear explosion, ,

Kuuttila J; Gilfanov M; Seitenzahl IR; Woods TE; Vogt FPA, 2018, Excluding super-soft X-ray sources as progenitors for four Type Ia supernovae in the Large Magellanic Cloud, ,

Jones S; Roepke FK; Fryer C; Ruiter AJ; Seitenzahl IR; Nittler LR; Ohlmann ST; Reifarth R; Pignatari M; Belczynski K, 2018, Remnants and ejecta of thermonuclear electron-capture supernovae: Constraining oxygen-neon deflagrations in high-density white dwarfs, ,

Dopita MA; Seitenzahl IR; Sutherland RS; Nicholls DC; Vogt FPA; Ghavamian P; Ruiter AJ, 2018, Calibrating Interstellar Abundances using SNR Radiative Shocks, ,

Williams BJ; Blair WP; Borkowski KJ; Hendrick SP; Long KS; Petre R; Raymond JC; Rest A; Reynolds SP; Sankrit R; Seitenzahl IR; Winkler PF, 2018, The Expansion of the Young Supernova Remnant 0509-68.7 (N103B), ,

Graur O; Zurek DR; Cara M; Rest A; Seitenzahl IR; Shappee BJ; Shara MM; Riess AG, 2018, Late-Time Observations of ASASSN-14lp Strengthen the Case for a Correlation between the Peak Luminosity of Type Ia Supernovae and the Shape of their Late-Time Light Curves, ,

Fink M; Kromer M; Hillebrandt W; Roepke FK; Pakmor R; Seitenzahl IR; Sim SA, 2018, Thermonuclear explosions of rapidly differentially rotating white dwarfs: Candidates for superluminous Type Ia supernovae?, ,

Panther FH; Seitenzahl IR; Crocker RM; Machacek JR; Murtagh DJ; Siegert T; Diehl R, 2018, The effect of positron-alkali metal atom interactions in the diffuse ISM, ,

Vogt FPA; Bartlett ES; Seitenzahl IR; Dopita MA; Ghavamian P; Ruiter AJ; Terry JP, 2018, Identification of the Central Compact Object in the young supernova remnant 1E0102.2-7219, ,

Ruiter AJ; Ferrario L; Belczynski K; Seitenzahl IR; Crocker RM; Karakas AI, 2018, On the formation of neutron stars via accretion-induced collapse in binaries, ,

Seitenzahl IR; Vogt FPA; Terry JP; Ghavamian P; Dopita MA; Ruiter AJ; Sukhbold T, 2018, Integral Field Spectroscopy of Supernova Remnant 1E0102-7219 Reveals Fast-moving Hydrogen and Sulfur-rich Ejecta, ,

Graur O; Zurek DR; Rest A; Seitenzahl IR; Shappee BJ; Fisher R; Guillochon J; Shara MM; Riess AG, 2017, Observations of SN 2015F suggest a correlation between the intrinsic luminosity of Type Ia supernovae and the shape of their light curves >900 days after explosion, ,

Panther FH; Crocker RM; Birnboim Y; Seitenzahl IR; Ruiter AJ, 2017, Positron Annihilation in the Nuclear Outflows of the Milky Way, ,

Kilpatrick CD; Foley RJ; Drout MR; Pan Y-C; Panther FH; Coulter DA; Filippenko AV; Marion GH; Piro AL; Rest A; Seitenzahl I; Strampelli G; Wang XE, 2017, Connecting the progenitors, pre-explosion variability, and giant outbursts of luminous blue variables with Gaia16cfr, ,

Kerzendorf WE; McCully C; Taubenberger S; Jerkstrand A; Seitenzahl I; Ruiter AJ; Spyromilio J; Long KS; Fransson C, 2017, Extremely late photometry of SN~2011fe, ,

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