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Morse A; Leung B; Heath E; Bertran-Gonzalez J; Pepin E; Chieng B; Balleine B; Laurent V, A Novel GPCR-Based Memory Process is Necessary for the Influence of Predictive Learning on Choice,

Ferguson LA; Matamales M; Balleine BW; Bertran-Gonzalez J, Action sequence dynamics rely on accessory hyperdirect pathway-related targets in the striatum,

Matamales M; McGovern AE; Mi JD; Mazzone SB; Balleine BW; Bertran-Gonzalez J, D1 and D2 systems converge in the striatum to update goal-directed learning,

Ztaou S; Oh SJ; Tepler S; Fleury S; Matamales M; Bertran-Gonzalez J; Chuhma N; Rayport S, Single dose of amphetamine induces delayed subregional attenuation of striatal cholinergic interneuron activity,

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