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Bruce J; Bolitho J, 2019, 'On being ‘good sad’ and other conundrums: mapping emotion in post sentencing restorative justice', The International Journal of Restorative Justice, vol. 2, pp. 389 - 407,

Bolitho JJ; Bruce J, 2017, 'Science, Art and Alchemy: Best Practice in Facilitating Restorative Justice', Contemporary Justice Review: issues in criminal, social and restorative justice, vol. 20, pp. 336 - 362,

Bolitho J, 2017, 'Inside the restorative justice black box: The role of memory reconsolidation in transforming the emotional impact of violent crime on victims', International Review of Victimology, vol. 23, pp. 026975801771454 - 026975801771454,

Bartels L; Bolitho J; Richards K, 2016, 'Indigenous young people and the NSW Children's Court: Magistrates Perceptions of the Court's Criminal Jurisdiction.', Australian Indigenous Law Review, vol. 19, pp. 34 - 44

Richards KM; Bartels L; Bolitho J, 2016, 'Children's Court magistrates' views of restorative justice and therapeutic jurisprudence measures for young offenders', Youth Justice: an international journal, vol. 17, pp. 22 - 40,

Bolitho J, 2015, 'Putting justice needs first: a case study of best practice in restorative justice', Restorative justice: an International Journal, vol. 3, pp. 256 - 281,

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Passey M; Bolitho J; Scantelton J; Flaherty B, 2007, 'The Magistrates Early Referral into Treatment (MERIT) Pilot Program: Court Outcomes and Recidivism', Australian and New Zealand Journal of Criminology, vol. 40, pp. 199 - 217,

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