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Daliri A; Zhang J; Wang CH, 2016, 'Hybrid Polymer Composites for High Strain Rate Applications', in Lightweight Composite Structures in Transport: Design, Manufacturing, Analysis and Performance, pp. 121 - 163,

Daliri A; Zhang J; Wang CH, 2016, '6 Hybrid polymer composites for high strain rate applications', in Lightweight Composite Structures in Transport, pp. 121 - 163,

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Zhang J; Lin T; Wang X, 2012, 'Carbon and polymer nanofiber reinforcements in polymer matrix composites: processing and applications', in Functional Nanofibers and their Applications, Elsevier, pp. 55 - 70,

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Zhang J; He S; Walton IH; Kajla A; Wang CH, 2012, 'Lightweight Stiffened Composite Structure with Superior Bending Strength and Stiffness for Automotive Floor Applications', in Sustainable Automotive Technologies 2012, Springer Berlin Heidelberg, pp. 75 - 80,

Journal articles

He Y; Wang H; Sha Z; Boyer C; Wang CH; Zhang J, 2022, 'Enhancing output performance of PVDF-HFP fiber-based nanogenerator by hybridizing silver nanowires and perovskite oxide nanocrystals', Nano Energy, vol. 98,

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Sha Z; Boyer C; Li G; Yu Y; Allioux FM; Kalantar-Zadeh K; Wang CH; Zhang J, 2022, 'Electrospun liquid metal/PVDF-HFP nanofiber membranes with exceptional triboelectric performance', Nano Energy, vol. 92,

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Zhou Y; Cheng X; Tynan B; Sha Z; Huang F; Islam MS; Zhang J; Rider AN; Dai L; Chu D; Wang D; Han Z; Wang CH, 2021, 'High-Performance Hierarchical MnO2/CNT Electrode for Multifunctional Supercapacitors', Carbon,

Sha Z; Zhou Y; Huang F; Yang W; Yu Y; Zhang J; Wu S; Brown SA; Peng S; Han Z; Wang CH, 2021, 'Carbon fibre electrodes for ultra long cycle life pseudocapacitors by engineering the nano-structure of vertical graphene and manganese dioxides', Carbon, vol. 177, pp. 260 - 270,

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