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Rao J; Wang J; Kollmannsberger S; Shi J; Fu H; Rank E, 2022, 'Point cloud-based elastic reverse time migration for ultrasonic imaging of components with vertical surfaces', Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing, vol. 163, pp. 108144 - 108144,

He J; Rao J; Fleming JD; Nath Gharti H; Nguyen LT; Morrison G, 2021, 'Numerical ultrasonic full waveform inversion (FWI) for complex structures in coupled 2D solid/fluid media', Smart Materials and Structures, vol. 30, pp. 085044 - 085044,

Fu H; Rao J; Harb MS; Theodossiades S, 2021, 'Ultrasonic wireless power links for battery-free condition monitoring in metallic enclosures', Ultrasonics, vol. 114,

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Rao J; Yang J; He J; Huang M; Rank E, 2020, 'Elastic least-squares reverse-time migration with density variation for flaw imaging in heterogeneous structures', Smart Materials and Structures, vol. 29,

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Chen J; Rao J; Lisevych D; Fan Z, 2019, 'Broadband ultrasonic focusing in water with an ultra-compact metasurface lens', Applied Physics Letters, vol. 114,

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Zheng J; Shi J; Shi J; Zhong S; Rao J; Li G; Li X, 2015, 'Short-term burst pressure of polyethylene pipe reinforced by winding steel wires under various temperatures', Composite Structures, vol. 121, pp. 163 - 171,

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