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Abbasi R; Tang J; Baharfar M; Zhang C; Allioux FM; Zhang J; Tajik M; Yang J; Biazik J; Centurion F; Han J; Mofarah SS; Esrafilzadeh D; Koshy P; Sorrell CC; Chan SLI; Rahim MA; Kalantar-Zadeh K, 2022, 'Induction heating for the removal of liquid metal-based implant mimics: A proof-of-concept', Applied Materials Today, vol. 27, pp. 101459 - 101459,

Yang J; Tang J; Ghasemian MB; Mayyas M; Yu QV; Li LH; Kalantar-Zadeh K, 2022, 'High- Q Phonon-polaritons in Spatially Confined Freestanding α-MoO3', ACS Photonics, vol. 9, pp. 905 - 913,

Mayyas M; Khoshmanesh K; Kumar P; Mousavi M; Tang J; Ghasemian MB; Yang J; Wang Y; Baharfar M; Rahim MA; Xie W; Allioux FM; Daiyan R; Jalili R; Esrafilzadeh D; Kalantar-Zadeh K, 2022, 'Gallium-Based Liquid Metal Reaction Media for Interfacial Precipitation of Bismuth Nanomaterials with Controlled Phases and Morphologies', Advanced Functional Materials, vol. 32, pp. 2108673 - 2108673,

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Tang J; Tang J; Mayyas M; Ghasemian MB; Sun J; Rahim MA; Yang J; Han J; Lawes DJ; Jalili R; Daeneke T; Saborio MG; Cao Z; Echeverria CA; Allioux FM; Zavabeti A; Hamilton J; Mitchell V; O'Mullane AP; Kaner RB; Esrafilzadeh D; Dickey MD; Kalantar-Zadeh K, 2022, 'Liquid-Metal-Enabled Mechanical-Energy-Induced CO2 Conversion', Advanced Materials, vol. 34, pp. e2105789,

Wang Y; Baharfar M; Yang J; Mayyas M; Ghasemian MB; Kalantar-Zadeh K, 2022, 'Liquid state of post-transition metals for interfacial synthesis of two-dimensional materials', Applied Physics Reviews, vol. 9, pp. 021306 - 021306,

Tang J; Lambie S; Meftahi N; Christofferson AJ; Yang J; Han J; Rahim MA; Mayyas M; Ghasemian MB; Allioux F-M; Cao Z; Daeneke T; McConville CF; Steenbergen KG; Kaner RB; Russo SP; Gaston N; Kalantar-Zadeh K, 2022, 'Oscillatory bifurcation patterns initiated by seeded surface solidification of liquid metals', Nature Synthesis, vol. 1, pp. 158 - 169,

Liu Y; Zhou Z; Wang F; Kewes G; Wen S; Burger S; Ebrahimi Wakiani M; Xi P; Yang J; Yang X; Benson O; Jin D, 2021, 'Axial localization and tracking of self-interference nanoparticles by lateral point spread functions', Nature Communications, vol. 12,

Wang Y; Mayyas M; Yang J; Ghasemian MB; Tang J; Mousavi M; Han J; Ahmed M; Baharfar M; Mao G; Yao Y; Esrafilzadeh D; Cortie D; Kalantar-Zadeh K, 2021, 'Liquid-metal-assisted deposition and patterning of molybdenum dioxide at low temperature', ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, vol. 13, pp. 53181 - 53193,

Xie W; Allioux FM; Namivandi-Zangeneh R; Ghasemian MB; Han J; Rahim MA; Tang J; Yang J; Mousavi M; Mayyas M; Cao Z; Centurion F; Christoe MJ; Zhang C; Wang Y; Merhebi S; Baharfar M; Ng G; Esrafilzadeh D; Boyer C; Kalantar-Zadeh K, 2021, 'Polydopamine Shell as a Ga3+Reservoir for Triggering Gallium-Indium Phase Separation in Eutectic Gallium-Indium Nanoalloys', ACS Nano, vol. 15, pp. 16839 - 16850,

Yang J; Krix ZE; Kim S; Tang J; Mayyas M; Wang Y; Watanabe K; Taniguchi T; Li LH; Hamilton AR; Aharonovich I; Sushkov OP; Kalantar-Zadeh K, 2021, 'Near-Field Excited Archimedean-like Tiling Patterns in Phonon-Polaritonic Crystals', ACS Nano, vol. 15, pp. 9134 - 9142,

Mahmood N; Khan H; Tran K; Kuppe P; Zavabeti A; Atkin P; Ghasemian MB; Yang J; Xu C; Tawfik SA; Spencer MJS; Ou JZ; Khoshmanesh K; McConville CF; Li Y; Kalantar-Zadeh K, 2021, 'Maximum piezoelectricity in a few unit-cell thick planar ZnO – A liquid metal-based synthesis approach', Materials Today, vol. 44, pp. 69 - 77,

Tang J; Lambie S; Meftahi N; Christofferson AJ; Yang J; Ghasemian MB; Han J; Allioux FM; Rahim MA; Mayyas M; Daeneke T; McConville CF; Steenbergen KG; Kaner RB; Russo SP; Gaston N; Kalantar-Zadeh K, 2021, 'Unique surface patterns emerging during solidification of liquid metal alloys', Nature Nanotechnology, vol. 16, pp. 431 - 439,

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Rahim MA; Centurion F; Han J; Abbasi R; Mayyas M; Sun J; Christoe MJ; Esrafilzadeh D; Allioux FM; Ghasemian MB; Yang J; Tang J; Daeneke T; Mettu S; Zhang J; Uddin MH; Jalili R; Kalantar-Zadeh K, 2021, 'Polyphenol-Induced Adhesive Liquid Metal Inks for Substrate-Independent Direct Pen Writing', Advanced Functional Materials, vol. 31, pp. 2007336 - 2007336,

Wang Y; Mayyas M; Yang J; Tang J; Ghasemian MB; Han J; Elbourne A; Daeneke T; Kaner RB; Kalantar-Zadeh K, 2021, 'Self-Deposition of 2D Molybdenum Sulfides on Liquid Metals', Advanced Functional Materials, vol. 31, pp. 2005866 - 2005866,

Khan H; Mahmood N; Zavabeti A; Elbourne A; Rahman MA; Zhang BY; Krishnamurthi V; Atkin P; Ghasemian MB; Yang J; Zheng G; Ravindran AR; Walia S; Wang L; Russo SP; Daeneke T; Li Y; Kalantar-Zadeh K, 2020, 'Liquid metal-based synthesis of high performance monolayer SnS piezoelectric nanogenerators', Nature Communications, vol. 11, pp. 3449,

Mayyas M; Kalantar-Zadeh K; Mousavi M; Ghasemian MB; Abbasi R; Li H; Christoe MJ; Han J; Wang Y; Zhang C; Rahim MA; Tang J; Yang J; Esrafilzadeh D; Jalili R; Allioux FM; O'Mullane AP, 2020, 'Pulsing liquid alloys for nanomaterials synthesis', ACS Nano, vol. 14, pp. 14070 - 14079,

Wang Y; Guan X; Chen W; Yang J; Hu L; Yang J; Li S; Kalantar-Zadeh K; Wen X; Wu T, 2020, 'Illumination-Induced Phase Segregation and Suppressed Solubility Limit in Br-Rich Mixed-Halide Inorganic Perovskites', ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, vol. 12, pp. 38376 - 38385,

Mayyas M; Li H; Kumar P; Ghasemian MB; Yang J; Wang Y; Lawes DJ; Han J; Saborio MG; Tang J; Jalili R; Lee SH; Seong WK; Russo SP; Esrafilzadeh D; Daeneke T; Kaner RB; Ruoff RS; Kalantar-Zadeh K, 2020, 'Liquid-Metal-Templated Synthesis of 2D Graphitic Materials at Room Temperature', Advanced Materials, vol. 32, pp. 2001997 - 2001997,

Abbasi R; Mayyas M; Ghasemian MB; Centurion F; Yang J; Saborio M; Allioux FM; Han J; Tang J; Christoe MJ; Mohibul Kabir KM; Kalantar-Zadeh K; Rahim MA, 2020, 'Photolithography-enabled direct patterning of liquid metals', Journal of Materials Chemistry C, vol. 8, pp. 7805 - 7811,

Idrus-Saidi SA; Tang J; Yang J; Han J; Daeneke T; O'Mullane AP; Kalantar-Zadeh K, 2020, 'Liquid Metal-Based Route for Synthesizing and Tuning Gas-Sensing Elements', ACS Sensors, vol. 5, pp. 1177 - 1189,

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Tang J; Daiyan R; Ghasemian MB; Idrus-Saidi SA; Zavabeti A; Daeneke T; Yang J; Koshy P; Cheong S; Tilley RD; Kaner RB; Amal R; Kalantar-Zadeh K, 2019, 'Advantages of eutectic alloys for creating catalysts in the realm of nanotechnology-enabled metallurgy', Nature Communications, vol. 10, pp. 4645,

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