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Xu R; Yang J; Myint YW; Pei J; Yan H; Wang F; Lu Y, 2016, Exciton Brightening in Monolayer Phosphorene via Dimensionality Modification

Xu R; Yang J; Zhu Y; Han Y; Pei J; Myint YW; Zhang S; Lu Y, 2015, Layer-dependent surface potential of phosphorene and anisotropic/layer-dependent charge transfer in phosphorene-gold hybrid system

Yang J; Xu R; Pei J; Myint YW; Wang F; Wang Z; Zhang S; Yu Z; Lu Y, 2015, Optical Tuning of Exciton and Trion Emissions in Monolayer Phosphorene

Yang J; Xu R; Pei J; Myint YW; Wang F; Wang Z; Zhang S; Yu Z; Lu Y, 2014, Unambiguous identification of monolayer phosphorene by phase-shifting interferometry

Yang J; Wang Z; Wang F; Xu R; Tao J; Zhang S; Qin Q; Luther-Davies B; Jagadish C; Yu Z; Lu Y, 2014, Atomically Thin Optical Lenses and Gratings

Zhang S; Xu R; Wang F; Yang J; Wang Z; Pei J; Myint YW; Xing B; Yu Z; Fu L; Qin Q; Lu Y, 2014, Extraordinarily bound quasi-one-dimensional trions in two-dimensional phosphorene atomic semiconductors

Zhang S; Yang J; Xu R; Wang F; Li W; Ghufran M; Zhang Y-W; Yu Z; Zhang G; Qin Q; Lu Y, 2014, Extraordinary Photoluminescence and Strong Temperature/Angle-Dependent Raman Responses in Few-Layer Phosphorene

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