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Goodnow CC; Christ D; Reed JH, 2018, 'Sequencing and affinity determination of antigen-specific B lymphocytes from peripheral blood', in Nevoltris D; Chames P (ed.), Methods in Molecular Biology, Humana Press, New York, NY, pp. 287 - 309,

Journal articles

Lau A; Avery DT; Jackson K; Lenthall H; Volpi S; Brigden H; Russell AJ; Bier J; Reed JH; Smart JM; Cole T; Choo S; Gray PE; Berglund LJ; Hsu P; Wong M; O'Sullivan M; Boztug K; Meyts I; Uzel G; Notarangelo LD; Brink R; Goodnow CC; Tangye SG; Deenick EK, 2020, 'Activated PI3Kδ breaches multiple B cell tolerance checkpoints and causes autoantibody production', The Journal of experimental medicine, vol. 217,

Skvortsova K; Masle-Farquhar E; Luu PL; Song JZ; Qu W; Zotenko E; Gould CM; Du Q; Peters TJ; Colino-Sanguino Y; Pidsley R; Nair SS; Khoury A; Smith GC; Miosge LA; Reed JH; Kench JG; Rubin MA; Horvath L; Bogdanovic O; Lim SM; Polo JM; Goodnow CC; Stirzaker C; Clark SJ, 2019, 'DNA Hypermethylation Encroachment at CpG Island Borders in Cancer Is Predisposed by H3K4 Monomethylation Patterns', Cancer Cell, vol. 35, pp. 297 - 314.e8,

Burnett DL; Reed JH; Christ D; Goodnow CC, 2019, 'Clonal redemption and clonal anergy as mechanisms to balance B cell tolerance and immunity', Immunological Reviews,

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Burnett DL; Langley DB; Schofield P; Hermes JR; Chan TD; Jackson J; Bourne K; Reed JH; Patterson K; Porebski BT; Brink R; Christ D; Goodnow CC, 2018, 'Germinal center antibody mutation trajectories are determined by rapid self/foreign discrimination', Science, vol. 360, pp. 223 - 226,

Wang JJ; Reed JH; Colella AD; Russell AJ; Murray-Brown W; Chataway TK; Jackson KJL; Goodnow CC; Gordon TP, 2018, 'Molecular Profiling and Clonal Tracking of Secreted Rheumatoid Factors in Primary Sjögren's Syndrome', Arthritis and Rheumatology, vol. 70, pp. 1617 - 1625,

Reed JH; Gorny MK; Li L; Cardozo T; Buyon JP; Clancy RM, 2017, 'Ro52 autoantibodies arise from self-reactive progenitors in a mother of a child with neonatal lupus', Journal of Autoimmunity, vol. 79, pp. 99 - 104,

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Grönwall C; Clancy RM; Getu L; Lloyd KA; Siegel DL; Reed JH; Buyon JP; Silverman GJ, 2016, 'Modulation of natural IgM autoantibodies to oxidative stress-related neo-epitopes on apoptotic cells in newborns of mothers with anti-Ro autoimmunity', Journal of Autoimmunity, vol. 73, pp. 30 - 41,

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Reed JH; Jain M; Lee K; Kandimalla ER; Faridi MH; Buyon JP; Gupta V; Clancy RM, 2013, 'Complement receptor 3 influences toll-like receptor 7/8-dependent inflammation: Implications for autoimmune diseases characterized by antibody reactivity to ribonucleoproteins', Journal of Biological Chemistry, vol. 288, pp. 9077 - 9083,

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Reed JH; Clancy RM; Lee KH; Saxena A; Izmirly PM; Buyon JP, 2012, 'Umbilical cord blood levels of maternal antibodies reactive with p200 and full-length Ro 52 in the assessment of risk for cardiac manifestations of neonatal lupus', Arthritis Care and Research, vol. 64, pp. 1373 - 1381,

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Conference Papers

Wang JJ; Reed JH; Colella AD; Russell AJ; Murray-Brown W; Chataway TK; Jackson KJL; Goodnow CC; Gordon TP, 2019, 'Proteomic profiling and clonal tracking of secreted rheumatoid factors in primary Sjogren's syndrome', in EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGY, WILEY, Beijing, PEOPLES R CHINA, pp. 776 - 777, presented at 17th International Congress of Immunology of the International-Union-of-Immunological-Societies (IUIS), Beijing, PEOPLES R CHINA, 19 October 2019 - 23 October 2019,

Lindop R; Arentz G; Thurgood LA; Reed JH; Jackson MW; Gordon TP, 2012, 'Pathogenicity and proteomic signatures of autoantibodies to Ro and La', in Immunology and Cell Biology, pp. 304 - 309,

Jane AO; Szili EJ; Reed JH; Gordon TP; Voelcker NH, 2008, 'Porous silicon biosensor for the detection of autoimmune diseases', in Progress in Biomedical Optics and Imaging - Proceedings of SPIE,

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