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Bonnitcha J, 2021, Corruption and confidentiality in contract-based ISDS: The case of P&ID v Nigeria,

Bonnitcha J, 2020, The return of investment screening as a policy tool,

Berrnasconi-Osterwalder N; Bonnitcha J, 2020, Investment negotiations at the WTO and the IIA regime: Anticipating unintended interactions,

Bonnitcha J; Williams Z, 2019, Politically Motivated Conduct in Investment Treaty Arbitration,

Bonnitcha J, 2015, Political Change vs. Legal Stability,

Bonnitcha J, 2012, The UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights: the implications for enterprises and their lawyers,

Bonnitcha J, 2011, The problem of moral hazard and its implications for the protection of “legitimate expectations” under the fair and equitable treatment standard,

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