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Taylor M; Lee JH, 2019, 'Digital Futures and Responsive Architecture', in Brooker G; Harriss H; Walker K; Matz CA (ed.), Interior Futures, Crucible Pres, Yountville, CA, pp. 126 - 137

Lee JH; Ning G, 2019, 'Historical BIM+: Sharing, preserving and reusing architectural design data', in Kramer-Smyth J (ed.), , Facet Publishing, London, pp. 124 - 144

Lee JH; Gu N, 2018, 'A design grammar for identifying spatial uniqueness of Murcutt’s rural houses', in Lee J-H (ed.), Computational Studies on Cultural Variation and Heredity, Springer Nature, Singapore, pp. 189 - 203,

Lee JH; Ostwald MJ; Gu N, 2017, 'Cognitive Challenges for Teamwork in Design', in Tucker R (ed.), Collaboration and Student Engagement in Design Education, IGI Global, Hershey PA, pp. 55 - 75,

Lee JH; Ostwald MJ; Gu N, 2015, 'Using a JPG Grammar to Explore the Syntax of a Style: An Application to the Architecture of Glenn Murcutt', in Gero JS; Hanna S (ed.), , Springer International Publishing, Switzerland, pp. 589 - 604,

Lee JH; Gu N; Jupp J; Sherratt S, 2014, 'Evaluating Creativity in Parametric Design Processes and Products: A Pilot Study', in Gero JS (ed.), , Springer Netherlands, Dordrecht, pp. 165 - 183,

Lee JH; Gu N; Ostwald MJ; Jupp J, 2013, 'Understanding cognitive activities in parametric design', in Zhang J; Sun C (ed.), Global Design and Local Materialization (part of CCIS), Springer Berlin, Heidelberg, pp. 38 - 49,

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