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Parker G; Kemp K, 2022, 'Are you okay with this?’ Facial recognition of unsuspecting customers prompts privacy warning, ,

Rubinstein M; Kemp K, 2022, Competition vs Privacy with Dr Katharine Kemp, ,

Kemp K, 2022, The ACCC is suing Meta for celebrity crypto scam ads on Facebook. Here’s why the tech giant could be found liable, ,

Kemp K, 2021, A new proposed privacy code promises tough rules and $10 million penalties for tech giants, ,

Kemp K, 2020, The US is taking on Google in a huge antitrust case. It could change the face of online search, ,

Newman C; Kemp K, 2020, Trust in digital health and health researchers, ,

Newman C; Kemp K, 2020, Trust, sexuality and gender diversity, ,

Kemp K, 2020, The ACCC is suing Google for misleading millions. But calling it out is easier than fixing it, ,

Kemp K, 2020, Every step you take: why Google’s plan to buy Fitbit has the ACCC’s pulse racing, ,

Kemp K; Greenleaf G, 2020, The COVIDSafe bill doesn’t go far enough to protect our privacy. Here’s what needs to change, ,

Kemp K; Nicholls R, 2020, No more negotiating: new rules could finally force Google and Facebook to pay for news, ,

Kemp K; Manwaring K, 2020, Australia’s privacy watchdog is taking Facebook to court. It’s a good start, ,

Kemp K; Nicholls R, 2019, The federal government’s response to the ACCC’s Digital Platforms Inquiry is a let down, ,

Kemp K, 2019, The ACCC is suing Google over tracking users. Here’s why it matters, ,

Kemp K, 2019, Here’s how tech giants profit from invading our privacy, and how we can start taking it back, ,

Nicholls R; Kemp K, 2019, Consumer watchdog calls for new measures to combat Facebook and Google’s digital dominance, ,

Kemp K, 2018, ACCC wants to curb digital platform power – but enforcement is tricky, ,

Kemp K, 2018, 94% of Australians do not read all privacy policies that apply to them – and that’s rational behaviour, ,

Kemp K; Vaile D, 2018, Soft terms like ‘open’ and ‘sharing’ don’t tell the true story of your data, ,

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