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Khoo S; McNally G; Clemens K, 2019, 'The orexin system and nicotine addiction: Preclinical insights', in Preedy VR (ed.), Neuroscience of Nicotine: Mechanisms and treatment, Academic Press, pp. 509 - 517,

McKetin R; Clemens KJ; Kaye SS, 2013, ', Methamphetamine addiction', in Miller PM (ed.), Principles of Addiction, Academic Press

McKetin R; Kaye SS; Clemens KJ; Hermens D, 2013, 'Methamphetamine addiction', in Miller PM (ed.), Principles of addiction: comprehensive addictive behaviors and disorders, Academic Press, San Diego, CA, pp. 689 - 698,

Caille S; Clemens K; Stinus L; Cador M, 2012, 'Modeling nicotine addiction in rats', in Methods in Molecular Biology, pp. 243 - 256,

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