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Kellie DJ; Blake K; Brooks R, 2020, Prejudice towards sex workers depends on the sexual activity and autonomy of their work, hobbies and daily activities,

Kellie DJ; Blake K; Brooks R, 2020, Behind the makeup: The effects of cosmetics on women’s self-objectification, and their objectification by others,

Blake K; Portingale J; Giles S; Griffiths S; Krug I, Dating App Usage and Motivations for Dating App Usage are Associated with Increased Disordered Eating,

McGovern H; Kirkland K; Blake K, Economic inequality increases race salience in 6 million Tweets,

Brooks R; Blake K; Fromhage L, Effects of gender inequality and income inequality on within-sex mating competition under hypergyny,

Casto KV; Blake K; Arthur-Hulme L, Hormonal Contraceptive Use and Cycle Phase Effects on Competitive Persistence: Progesterone as a Mediating Mechanism (Stage 1 Registered Report),

Arslan RC; Blake K; Botzet L; Bürkner P-C; DeBruine LM; Fiers T; Grebe N; Hahn A; Jones BC; marcinkowska UM; Mumford SL; Penke L; Roney J; Schisterman E; Stern J, Not within spitting distance: salivary immunoassays of estradiol have subpar validity for cycle phase,

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