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Poulos L; Wall S; Pross E; Daylight G; Delbaere K; Broe GA; Radford K, 2021, 'Caring for Spirit: Developing online dementia education and training with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians', Vol. 17, pp. e053769,

Lavrencic L; Broe GA; Daylight G; Delbaere K; Draper B; Duma S; Fulham M; Hill TY; Lasschuit D; Piguet O; Poulos L; Rae C; Timbery A; Radford K, 2021, 'Developing a protocol for neuroimaging to investigate brain ageing and dementia in collaboration with aboriginal Australian communities', Vol. 17,

Mack HA; Radford K; Chalkley S; Draper B; Cumming RG; Bennett H; Broe GA, 2013, 'THE KOORI GROWING OLD WELL STUDY: HEALTH, AGEING, AND DEMENTIA IN URBAN ABORIGINAL AUSTRALIANS', Vol. 53, pp. 166 - 166,

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