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Holdaway M; Hyde Z; Hughson J-A; Malay R; Stafford A; Fulford K; Radford K; Flicker L; Smith K; Pond CD; Russell S; Atkinson D; Blackberry I; LoGiudice D, 2023, Prevalence of potentially suboptimal prescribing and associated cognitive risk in Aboriginal primary care, ,

Mantell R; Withall A; Radford K; Kasumovic M; Monds L; Hwang YIJ, 2023, Design Preferences for a Serious Game–Based Cognitive Assessment of Older Adults in Prison: Thematic Analysis (Preprint), ,

Wettasinghe PM; Allan W; Garvey G; Timbery A; Hoskins S; Veinovic M; Daylight G; Mack H; Minogue C; Broe GA; Donovan T; Radford K; Delbaere K, 2020, Older Aboriginal Australians’ Health Concerns and Preferences for Healthy Ageing Programs, ,

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