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Bareket L;Barriga-Rivera A;Zapf MP;Lovell NH;Suaning GJ, 2017, 'Progress in artificial vision through suprachoroidal retinal implants.', J Neural Eng, vol. 14, pp. 045002,

Bareket L;Inzelberg L;Rand D;David-Pur M;Rabinovich D;Brandes B;Hanein Y, 2016, 'Temporary-tattoo for long-term high fidelity biopotential recordings', Scientific Reports, vol. 6,

David-Pur M;Bareket-Keren L;Beit-Yaakov G;Raz-Prag D;Hanein Y, 2014, 'All-carbon-nanotube flexible multi-electrode array for neuronal recording and stimulation', Biomedical Microdevices, vol. 16, pp. 43 - 53,

Bareket L;Waiskopf N;Rand D;Lubin G;David-Pur M;Ben-Dov J;Roy S;Eleftheriou C;Sernagor E;Cheshnovsky O;Banin U;Hanein Y, 2014, 'Semiconductor nanorod-carbon nanotube biomimetic films for wire-free photostimulation of blind retinas', Nano Letters, vol. 14, pp. 6685 - 6692,

Bareket-Keren L;Hanein Y, 2014, 'Novel interfaces for light directed neuronal stimulation: advances and challenges', International Journal of Nanomedicine, pp. 65 - 83,

Bareket-Keren L;Hanein Y, 2013, 'Carbon nanotube-based multi electrode arrays for neuronal interfacing: progress and prospects', Frontiers in Neural Circuits, vol. 6,

Bareket L;Rephaeli A;Berkovitch G;Nudelman A;Rishpon J, 2010, 'Carbon nanotubes based electrochemical biosensor for detection of formaldehyde released from a cancer cell line treated with formaldehyde-releasing anticancer prodrugs', Bioelectrochemistry, vol. 77, pp. 94 - 99,

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