Select Publications


Kelley L, 2016, Bioart Kitchen: Art, Feminism and Technoscience,

Book Chapters

Kelley L, 2018, 'Food', in The Edinburgh Companion to Animal Studies, pp. 232 - 246

Kelley L, 2017, 'Cooking and eating across species: Natalie jeremijenko's cross(x)species adventure club', in The Taste of Art: Cooking, Food, and Counterculture in Contemporary Practices, pp. 279 - 292

Kelley L, 2017, 'Transanimality', in Parrenas J (ed.), Gender: Animals, edn. Macmillan Interdisciplinary Handbooks, Macmillan,

Kelley L, 2014, 'Plumpiñon', in The Multispecies Salon, Duke, pp. 122 - 134,

Journal articles

Kelley L, 2017, 'The Political Life of Cancer Beatriz da Costa's Dying for the Other and Anti-cancer Survival Kit', ENVIRONMENTAL HUMANITIES, vol. 9, pp. 230 - 254,

Kelley L, 2017, 'Digesting Wetlands: Cooking and Eating Across Species', Leonardo Electronic Almanac,

Kelley L, 2017, 'MENAGERIE À TRANIMALS', Angelaki - Journal of the Theoretical Humanities, vol. 22, pp. 97 - 109,

Kelley L, 2014, 'Tranimals', TSQ: Transgender Studies Quarterly, vol. 1, pp. 226 - 228,

Kelley L;Hayward E, 2013, 'Carnal Light', Parallax, vol. 19, pp. 114 - 127,

Kelley L, 2009, 'Mail Away: War Correspondence at Home and Online', Media-N

Performances (Music, Theatre, Dance)

Kelley L, 2013, Publication: Dysphagiac/Feeding Tubes, Performances (Music, Theatre, Dance)

Curatorial Outputs

Kelley L;Loveless N;McMurry J, 2008, Intervene! Interrupt! Rethinking Art as Social Practice, exhibited at: Santa Cruz CA USA, 08 - 10 May 2008, Intervene! Interrupt! Rethinking Art as Social Practice

Theses / Dissertations

Kelley L, 2009, The Bioart Kitchen: Art, Food, and Ethics

Conference Presentations

Kelley L, 2017, 'Tasting History: Sampling the Bug Out Bag', presented at The Participatory Environmental Humanities, 18 - 19 July 2017,

Kelley L, 2017, 'Hardtack: Tasting Temporalities of Colonial Violence', presented at 2017 Annual Meeting of the Society for Literature, Science, and the Arts, 09 - 12 November 2017

Kelley L, 2016, 'Dying for the Other: Shifting relations between antiauthoritarian resistance and the pharmakon', presented at Derrida Today, 08 - 10 June 2016

Kelley L, 2016, 'Geophagy and Nourishing Indigestion', presented at Going to Ground: A workshop on the social life of soil, earth & land, 28 - 28 October 2016

Kelley L, 2016, 'Anti-Cancer Survival Kit: Toxic embodiment and 'posthumanarchy'', presented at Global Ecologies, Local Impacts: The Sixth Biennial Conference of the Association for the Study of Literature, Environment & Culture, Australia & New Zealand (ASLEC) in collaboration with the Sydney E, 23 - 25 November 2016

Kelley L, 2016, 'Extreme Baking: Toward an anticolonial ingestion of hard tack', presented at Feminist, Queer, Anticolonial Propositions for Hacking the Anthropocene, Sydney NSW, 07 - 07 April 2016

Kelley L;Cvoro U, 2016, 'What Does Nationalism Taste Like?', presented at Conspiracy Talks Series, Sydney, NSW, 24 - 24 August 2016

Kelley L, 2016, 'Bad Ecosex with Common Wheat', presented at Technicity, Temporality, Embodiment: The 10th International SomaTechnics Conference, Byron Bay NSW, 30 November - 03 December 2016,

Kelley L, 2016, 'Digesting Wetlands: Cooking and Eating Across Species', presented at The Third International Conference on Transdisciplinary Imaging at the Intersections of Art, Science and Culture, Istanbul, Turkey, 26 - 28 June 2014

kelley L, 2015, 'Lively Soil: Nurturing Indigestion with Geophagy', presented at NeoLife SLSA, 01 - 03 October 2015

Kelley L, 2012, 'Designing for Multidisciplinary Open Access: PLoS ONE', presented at Society for the Social Study of Science (4s), Annual Meeting, Copenhagen, Denmark, 17 - 20 October 2012

Creative Written Works

Kelley L;Loveless N;McMurry J, 2016, Reflections on Low Footprints, Viz. Inter-Arts: Interventions, Hamilton R, (ed.)

Kelley L;Turner L, 2013, amuse gueule, Parallax

Kelley L;Kelley L;Stephens E, 2011, Beth Stephens, Annie Sprinkle, and the Love Art Lab, Total Art: The Journal of New Performance

Creative Works (non-textual)

Kelley L, 2016, Extreme Baking: A morning tea with Anzac biscuits, Extreme Baking: A morning tea with Anzac biscuits, National Army Museum, Waiouru NZ, 04 - 04 November 2016

Kelley L, 2015, Biscochito Landscape, Drawing Now, 04 - 06 March 2015

Kelley L, 2014, Dysphagiac 1, Democracy of Drawing 1, AirSpace Projects, Marrickville NSW, 28 February - 08 March 2014, medium: ink on paper

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