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Davis LG; Becerra-Valdivia L; Madsen DB; Higham T, 2020, 'Response to Comment on "late Upper Paleolithic occupation at Cooper's Ferry, Idaho, USA, ∼16,000 years ago"', Science, vol. 368,

Becerra-Valdivia L; Leal-Cervantes R; Wood R; Higham T, 2020, 'Challenges in sample processing within radiocarbon dating and their impact in 14C-dates-as-data studies', Journal of Archaeological Science, vol. 113,

Davis LG; Madsen DB; Becerra-Valdivia L; Higham T; Sisson DA; Skinner SM; Stueber D; Nyers AJ; Keen-Zebert A; Neudorf C; Cheyney M; Izuho M; Iizuka F; Burns SR; Epps CW; Willis SC; Buvit I, 2019, 'Late Upper Paleolithic occupation at Cooper’s Ferry, Idaho, USA, ~16,000 years ago', Science, vol. 365, pp. 891 - 897,

Víctor Moreno-Mayar J; Vinner L; De Barros Damgaard P; De La Fuente C; Chan J; Spence JP; Allentoft ME; Vimala T; Racimo F; Pinotti T; Rasmussen S; Margaryan A; Orbegozo MI; Mylopotamitaki D; Wooller M; Bataille C; Becerra-Valdivia L; Chivall D; Comeskey D; Devièse T; Grayson DK; George L; Harry H; Alexandersen V; Primeau C; Erlandson J; Rodrigues-Carvalho C; Reis S; Bastos MQR; Cybulski J; Vullo C; Morello F; Vilar M; Wells S; Gregersen K; Hansen KL; Lynnerup N; Lahr MM; Kjær K; Strauss A; Alfonso-Durruty M; Salas A; Schroeder H; Higham T; Malhi RS; Rasic JT; Souza L; Santos FR; Malaspinas AS; Sikora M; Nielsen R; Song YS; Meltzer DJ; Willerslev E, 2018, 'Early human dispersals within the Americas', Science, vol. 362,

Devièse T; Stafford TW; Waters MR; Wathen C; Comeskey D; Becerra-Valdivia L; Higham T, 2018, 'Increasing accuracy for the radiocarbon dating of sites occupied by the first Americans', Quaternary Science Reviews, vol. 198, pp. 171 - 180,

Becerra-Valdivia L; Waters MR; Stafford TW; Anzick SL; Comeskey D; Devièse T; Higham T, 2018, 'Reassessing the chronology of the archaeological site of Anzick', Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, vol. 115, pp. 7000 - 7003,

Becerra-Valdivia L; Douka K; Comeskey D; Bazgir B; Conard NJ; Marean CW; Ollé A; Otte M; Tumung L; Zeidi M; Higham TFG, 2017, 'Chronometric investigations of the Middle to Upper Paleolithic transition in the Zagros Mountains using AMS radiocarbon dating and Bayesian age modelling', Journal of Human Evolution, vol. 109, pp. 57 - 69,

Bazgir B; Ollé A; Tumung L; Becerra-Valdivia L; Douka K; Higham T; Van Der Made J; Picin A; Saladié P; López-Garciá JM; Blain HA; Allué E; Fernández-Garciá M; Rey-Rodríguez I; Arceredillo D; Bahrololoumi F; Azimi M; Otte M; Carbonell E, 2017, 'Understanding the emergence of modern humans and the disappearance of Neanderthals: Insights from Kaldar Cave (Khorramabad Valley, Western Iran)', Scientific Reports, vol. 7,

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