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Arthars N; Dollinger M; Vigentini L; Liu DYT; Kondo E; King DM, 2019, 'Empowering teachers to personalize learning support: Case studies of teachers' experiences adopting a student- and teacher-centered learning analytics platform at three Australian universities', in Utilizing learning analytics to support study success, pp. 223 - 248,

Vigentini L, 2019, 'Empowering teachers to personalize learning support.', in Ifenthaler D; Mah D-K; Yau JY-K (ed.), Utilizing Learning Analytics to Support Study Success, pp. 223 - 248,

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Vigentini L; McIntyre S; Mirriahi N; Alonzo D, 2016, 'Mining Learning Sequences in MOOCs: Does course design constrain students behaviours or do students shape their own learning?', in ElAtia S; Zaïane O; Ipperciel D (ed.), Data Mining and Learning Analytics in Educational Research, Wiley and Blackwell, pp. 175 - 206,

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Vigentini L; Cowan BR, 2012, 'The psychological dimension of using wikis: pedagogy, anxiety and usability', in Bocconi S; Trentin G (ed.), Wiki supporting Formal and Informal learning, Nova Publishers, New York, pp. 57 - 86

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