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Vigentini L; Swibel B; Hasler G, 2022, 'Developing a Growth Learning Data Mindset: A Secondary School Approach to Creating a Culture of Data Driven Improvement', Journal of Learning Analytics, vol. 9, pp. 87 - 104,

Ford R; Vigentini L; Vulic J; Chitsaz M; Prusty BG, 2021, 'A Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on engineering mechanics: data analytics informing learning design and improvement', Australian Journal of Mechanical Engineering, vol. 19, pp. 163 - 172,

Vigentini L; Liu DYT; Arthars N; Dollinger M, 2020, 'Evaluating the scaling of a LA tool through the lens of the SHEILA framework: A comparison of two cases from tinkerers to institutional adoption', Internet and Higher Education, vol. 45,

Pardo A; Bartimote-Aufflick K; Shum SB; Dawson S; Gao J; Gasevic D; Leichtweis S; Liu D; Martinez-Maldonado R; Mirriahi N; Moskal ACM; Schulte J; Siemens G; Vigentini L, 2018, 'OnTask: Delivering Data-Informed, Personalized Learning Support Actions', JOURNAL OF LEARNING ANALYTICS, vol. 5, pp. 235 - 249,

Vigentini L, 2009, 'Using learning technology in university courses: Do styles matter?', Multicultural Education and Technology Journal, vol. 3, pp. 17 - 32,

Cowan BR; Vigentini L; Jack MA, 2008, 'Exploring the relationship between anxiety and usability evaluation - An online study of internet and wiki anxiety', MCCSIS'08 - IADIS Multi Conference on Computer Science and Information Systems; Proceedings of Interfaces and Human Computer Interaction 2008, pp. 69 - 76

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