Dr Mahsa Foroughi

My Expertise

  • History and theory of the twentieth-century art and architectural culture,
  • Continental philosophy related to the concept of time, memory and movement,
  • Political, cultural, social and environmental factors that may impact our experience of built environments.

Fields of Research (FoR)

Architecture, Political Theory and Political Philosophy, Film and Video

My Teaching

  • Cinematic Space (BEIL6003)
  • Designing Diversity: Architecture and Urbanism in a Multicultural Context (ARCH7216)
  • Architectural History and Theory 1 (ARCH1121)
  • Architectural History and Theory 3 (ARCH1322) 
  • Integrated Building Design (BEIL6009)
  • Architecture and Politics (ARCH7214)
  • Architecture and Urbanism in Asia (ARCH7220)