Dr Mahsa Foroughi

Mahsa is an interdisciplinary academic based in Architecture Discipline in the Faculty of Built Environment at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia. She teaches undergraduate and postgraduate subjects with a specific focus on architectural history, theory and criticism. She is an active member of the Griffith Centre for Design and Innovation Research (CDAIR). Mahsa has recently completed her doctoral thesis at Griffith University, School of Humanities, Languages and Social Science. Her research is concerned with the critiques of ocularcentrism as the prevailing narrative of the architecture of late capitalism. To argue that how time, as an unavoidably non-optical concept, can be perceived by the viewer of the built environment, she explains that other sense organisations are needed besides vision. By taking an interdisciplinary approach and appealing to the theory of haptic visuality, then, she explores how we might experience time in built environments through our “close-range” vision or the visually that functions like the sense of touch.

My Expertise

  • History and theory of the twentieth-century art and architectural culture,
  • Continental philosophy related to the concept of time, memory and movement,
  • Political, cultural, social and environmental factors that may impact our experience of built environments.

Field of Research (FoR)

My Teaching

  • Architectural History and Theory 1 (ARCH1121)
  • Architectural History and Theory 3 (ARCH1322) 
  • Integrated Building Design (BEIL6009)
  • Architecture and Politics (ARCH7214)
  • Architecture and Urbanism in Asia (ARCH7220)