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Betteridge B; Chatterjee P; Emmanuel L; Fairall A; Garrett B; Graff M; Iveson K; Legg R; Maalsen S; Melo Zurita MDL; Murray W; Pill M; Rogers D; Sadowski J; Sisson A; Tattersall A; Webber S, 2018, Sydney - We Need to Talk!.

Book Chapters

Melo Zurita M; Sadowski J, 2018, 'DIMENSIONS: Sydney X Mexico X Phoenix', in Urban C (ed.), Sydney – We Need to Talk, Piscator Press, University of Sydney, pp. 22 - 22,

Melo Zurita M, 2012, 'La tierra el pretexto, los recursos naturales el motivo: El caso de la mercantilización de la naturaleza mediante dos estudios de caso en México', in Macip Ríos RF (ed.), Al que a buen árbol se arrima, buena sombra le cobija: Deslindando prácticas, símbolos y realidades con Robert D. Shadow, BUAP, pp. 121 - 144

Journal articles

Briggs NC; Buckley J; Chesworth D; Coyne T; Farr A; Harper L; Ho X; Heyns AL; Leber S; Melo Zurita MDL; Raby O, 2023, 'Listen - Look up! Listen - Look down! Experiencing the counter-city through a sonic and augmented reality experience of urban undergrounds in southeast Melbourne', Cities, 142, pp. 104513 - 104513,

Agwor A; Melo Zurita M; Munro P, 2023, 'Underground Urbanism in Africa: splintered subterranean space in Lagos, Nigeria', Urban Studies: an international journal for research in urban studies,

Naserisafavi N; Coyne T; Melo Zurita MDL; Zhang K; Prodanovic V, 2022, 'Community values on governing urban water nature-based solutions in Sydney, Australia', Journal of Environmental Management, 322, pp. 116063 - 116063,

Cook BR; Cornes I; Satizábal P; Melo Zurita MDL, 2022, 'Experiential learning, practices, and space for change: The institutional preconfiguration of community participation in flood risk reduction', Journal of Flood Risk Management,

Satizabal P; Melo Zurita M, 2022, 'Bodies-holding-bodies: The trembling of women’s territorio-cuerpo-tierra and the feminist responses to the earthquakes in Mexico City', Third World Thematics: A TWQ Journal,

Ruming K; Melo Zurita MDL, 2022, 'Care, urban regeneration and forced tenant relocation: the case of Ivanhoe social housing estate, Sydney', Housing Studies, pp. 1 - 19,

Satizábal P; Cornes I; Melo Zurita MDL; Cook BR, 2022, 'The power of connection: Navigating the constraints of community engagement for disaster risk reduction', International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction, 68, pp. 102699 - 102699,

Melo Zurita M, 2021, 'Core Beliefs: the underground is full of stories and structures', Architectural Review, 1480, pp. 6 - 12,

Melo Zurita M, 2021, 'Urban Underground Integration: an invitation', Herrenknecht Magazine, pp. 20 - 20

Coyne T; Melo Zurita MDL; Reid D; Prodanovic V, 2020, 'Culturally inclusive water urban design: a critical history of hydrosocial infrastructures in Southern Sydney, Australia', Blue-Green Systems, 2, pp. 364 - 382,

Melo Zurita MDL, 2020, 'Challenging sub terra nullius: a critical underground urbanism project', Australian Geographer, 51, pp. 269 - 282,

Pérez MA; Melo Zurita MDL, 2020, 'Underground exploration beyond state reach: Alternative volumetric territorial projects in Venezuela, Cuba, and Mexico', Political Geography, 79, pp. 102144 - 102144,

Garrett B; Melo Zurita MDL; Iveson K, 2020, 'Boring cities: The privatisation of subterranea', City, 24, pp. 276 - 285,

Ruming K; Melo Zurita MDL, 2020, 'Care and dispossession: Contradictory practices and outcomes of care in forced public housing relocations', Cities, 98, pp. 102572 - 102572,

Melo Zurita M; Ruming K, 2019, '‘From Choice to Chance’: choice-based letting use in forced tenant relocations in New South Wales, Australia', Housing Studies, 34, pp. 1262 - 1262,

Melo Zurita MDL, 2019, 'Holes, subterranean exploration and affect in the Yucatan Peninsula', Emotion, Space and Society, 32,

Cook BR; Melo Zurita MDL, 2019, 'Fulfilling the promise of participation by not resuscitating the deficit model', Global Environmental Change, 56, pp. 56 - 65,

Cornes I; Cook B; Satizábal P; Melo Zurita M, 2019, '‘(In)action’: rethinking traditional understandings of disaster risk reduction', Australian Journal of Emergency Management, 34, pp. 52 - 57,

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Plummer R; Renzetti S; Bullock R; Melo Zurita MDL; Baird J; Dupont D; Smith T; Thomsen D, 2018, 'The roles of capitals in building capacity to address urban flooding in the shift to a new water management approach', Environment and Planning C: Politics and Space, 36, pp. 1068 - 1087,

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Melo Zurita M; Cook B; Thomsen DC; Munro PG; Smith TF; Gallina J, 2018, 'Living with disasters: social capital for disaster governance', Disasters, 42, pp. 471 - 589,

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Munro PG; Melo Zurita M, 2009, 'Aprendiendo del pasado: Impactos históricos de intervenciones en la agricultura de Sierra Leona', Ecología Política, 38, pp. 92 - 95

Conference Papers

Von der Tann L; Metje N; Collins B; Melo Zurita M, 2021, 'A perspective on the governance of London's subsurface', in IOP Conference Series : Earth and Environmental Science, IOP Publishing, Helsinki, Finland, pp. 012020 - 012020, presented at 17th World Conference ACUUS 2020 February 3-4 2021, (Helsinki, Finland) Virtual Conference, Helsinki, Finland, 03 February 2021 - 04 February 2021,

Conference Presentations

Chatterjee P; Melo Zurita M, 2020, 'The Road through the City – Unaccounted Property, Benefits and Values in Compulsory Acquisition', presented at Legal Geography Symposium, University of Sydney, 24 February 2020

Melo Zurita M, 2019, 'Challenging Sub Terra Nullius: a critical underground urbanism project', presented at Institue of Australian Geographers (IAG) conference, Hobart, 09 July 2019 - 13 July 2019

Melo Zurita M; Ruming K, 2018, 'From Choice to Chance”: examining the choice-based letting system for tenant relocation in NSW', presented at State of Australian Cities Conference, Adelaide, 28 November 2018 - 30 November 2018

Cornes I; Cook B; Satizabal P; Melo Zurita M, 2018, 'What is ‘(in)action’? Rethinking traditional understandings of disaster risk reduction in urban households', presented at The Annual Conference of AFAC and the Bushfire and Natural Hazards, Perth, 05 September 2018

Melo Zurita M, 2018, 'The Geopolitics of Urban Tunnelling', presented at New Zealand Geographical Society / Institute of Australian Geographers conference,, Auckland, 11 July 2018 - 14 July 2018

Melo Zurita M, 2018, 'The Subterranean Geopolitics of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula', presented at Association of American Geographers Conference, New Orleans, 10 April 2018 - 14 April 2018

Melo Zurita M, 2017, 'Roles, responsibilities and emotions – negotiating the politics of forced social housing relocations in Sydney', presented at Institute of Australian Geographers (IAG) conference, Brisbane, 11 July 2017 - 14 July 2017

Melo Zurita M; Munro PG, 2017, 'The Subterranean Protagonist: Colonisation, water and the underground in Mexico', presented at Association of American Geographers Conference, Boston, 05 April 2017 - 09 April 2017

Melo Zurita MDL, 2016, 'A Journey into the Subterranean Anthropocene', presented at Global Ecologies – Local Impacts Conference,, Sydney Environment Institute: University of Sydney, 23 November 2016 - 25 November 2016

Munro P; Melo Zurita M, 2016, 'Exploring, Constructing and Commodifying the Underground: An environmental history of cave diving in the Yucatan Peninsula', presented at Environmental History and its Publics, American Society for Environmental History Conference, Seattle, 30 March 2016 - 03 April 2016

Munro P; Melo Zurita M, 2010, 'The Role of Water? Henequen, Chicle and the Caste War on the Yucatan Peninsula; 1800 to 1950', presented at Mexico: Revolution, Independence and Beyond Conference 2010, Australian National University: Canberra, 05 July 2010 - 06 July 2010


Agrawal M; Melo Zurita M; Paraskevopoulou C; Admiraal H; Cornaro A; Gupta A, 2022, Underground urbanism: reimagining the role of underground spaces for India’s urban future., National Institute of Disaster Management, Delhi

Svahn V; Norrman J; Melgaço, L; Sandström O; Volchko Y; Mossmark F; Melo Zurita M, 2021, Societal values and consequences of integrating geosystem services into subsurface planning Results from research project funded by the call Planning for transformation, Stage 1, Chalmers University of Technology,

Pawson H; Martin C; van den Nouwelant R; Milligan V; Ruming K; Melo Zurita MDL, 2019, Build-to-Rent in Australia: product feasibility and potential affordable housing contribution, Landcom NSW, Sydney,

Hutchinson J; McPherson J; Melo Zurita M; Ruskin J, 2018, Internships Project: Partner Perspectives,, Professional and Community Engagement (PACE), Macquarie University

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