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De Kauwe M, Review of Jones et al., Copernicus GmbH,

Haughton N; Abramowitz G; De Kauwe MG; Pitman AJ, Supplementary material to "Does predictability of fluxes vary between FLUXNET sites?", Copernicus GmbH,

van der Horst SVJ; Pitman AJ; De Kauwe MG; Ukkola A; Abramowitz G; Isaac P, Supplementary material to "How representative are FLUXNET measurements of surface fluxes during temperature extremes?", Copernicus GmbH,

Jiang M; Zaehle S; De Kauwe MG; Walker AP; Caldararu S; Ellsworth DS; Medlyn BE, Supplementary material to "The quasi-equilibrium framework re-visited: analyzing long-term CO<sub>2</sub> enrichment responses in plant-soil models", Copernicus GmbH,

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