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Rai R; Holloway LC; Brink C; Field M; Christiansen RL; Sun Y; Barton MB; Liney GP, 2020, 'Multicenter evaluation of MRI-based radiomic features: A phantom study', Medical Physics, vol. 47, pp. 3054 - 3063,

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Jochems A; El-Naqa I; Kessler M; Mayo CS; Jolly S; Matuszak M; Faivre-Finn C; Price G; Holloway L; Vinod S; Field M; Barakat MS; Thwaites D; de Ruysscher D; Dekker A; Lambin P, 2018, 'A prediction model for early death in non-small cell lung cancer patients following curative-intent chemoradiotherapy', Acta Oncologica, vol. 57, pp. 226 - 230,

Barakat MS; Field M; Ghose A; Stirling D; Holloway L; Vinod S; Dekker A; Thwaites D, 2017, 'The effect of imputing missing clinical attribute values on training lung cancer survival prediction model performance', HEALTH INFORMATION SCIENCE AND SYSTEMS, vol. 5,

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Field M; Pan Z; Stirling D; Naghdy F, 2011, 'Human motion capture sensors and analysis in robotics', Industrial Robot, vol. 38, pp. 163 - 171,

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