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Lilasathapornkit T; Rey D; Liu W; Saberi M, 2020, Traffic Assignment Problem for Footpath Networks with Bidirectional Links

Mansourianfar M; Gu Z; Waller ST; Saberi M, 2020, Joint routing and pricing control in congested mixed autonomy networks

Saberi M; Ashfaq M; Hamedmoghadam H; Hosseini SA; Gu Z; Shafiei S; Nair DJ; Dixit V; Gardner L; Waller ST; González MC, 2019, A simple contagion process describes spreading of traffic jams in urban networks

Gu Z; Waller ST; Saberi M, 2019, Surrogate-based toll optimization in a large-scale heterogeneously congested network

Beck B; Pettit C; Winters M; Nelson T; Vu H; Nice K; Seneviratne S; Saberi M, Association between network characteristics and bicycle ridership across a large metropolitan region,

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