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Mussakhanuly N; Soufiani AM; Bernardi S; Gan J; Bhattacharyya SK; Chin RL; Muhammad H; Dubajic M; Gentle A; Chen W; Zhang M; Nielsen MP; Huang S; Asbury J; Widmer-Cooper A; Yun JS; Hao X, 2024, 'Thermal Disorder-Induced Strain and Carrier Localization Activate Reverse Halide Segregation', Advanced Materials, 36,

Zhu YF; Xie B; Yuwono JA; Kumar P; Sharma AS; Nielsen MP; Bendavid A; Amal R; Scott J; Lovell EC, 2024, 'Making light work: designing plasmonic structures for the selective photothermal methanation of carbon dioxide', EES Catalysis,

Lin CH; Liu C; Yang J; Kim J; Hu L; Huang CY; Zhang S; Chen F; Mishra R; Shahrokhi S; Huang JK; Guan X; Baldacchino AJ; Wan T; Huang S; Nielsen MP; Liu K; Chu D; Maier SA; Wu T, 2024, 'Regulating the Phase and Optical Properties of Mixed-Halide Perovskites via Hot-Electron Engineering', Advanced Functional Materials,

de Clercq DM; Collins MI; Sloane NP; Feng J; McCamey DR; Tayebjee MJY; Nielsen MP; Schmidt TW, 2024, 'Singlet fission in TIPS-anthracene thin films', Chemical Science,

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Gunawan D; Yuwono JA; Kumar PV; Kaleem A; Nielsen MP; Tayebjee MJY; Oppong-Antwi L; Wen H; Kuschnerus I; Chang SLY; Wang Y; Hocking RK; Chan TS; Toe CY; Scott J; Amal R, 2023, 'Unraveling the structure-activity-selectivity relationships in furfuryl alcohol photoreforming to H2 and hydrofuroin over ZnxIn2S3+x photocatalysts', Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, 335,

Ishwara T; Feng J; de Clercq DM; Geng R; Alves J; McCamey DR; Nielsen MP; Schmidt TW, 2023, 'Nanoporous Solid-State Sensitization of Triplet Fusion Upconversion', ACS Energy Letters, 8, pp. 4078 - 4084,

Sharma AS; Hanif M; Bremner SP; Nielsen MP; Tayebjee MJY; Rougieux FE; Ekins-Daukes NJ; Pusch A, 2023, 'Heat Flow through Nonideal Contacts in Hot-Carrier Solar Cells', Physical Review Applied, 20,

De Clercq DM; Yang J; Hanif M; Alves J; Feng J; Nielsen MP; Kalantar-Zadeh K; Schmidt TW, 2023, 'Exciton Dissociation, Charge Transfer, and Exciton Trapping at the MoS2/Organic Semiconductor Interface', Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 127, pp. 11260 - 11267,

Sun H; Huang J; O’Neill A; Yun JS; Young TL; Yan C; Sun K; Li J; Nielsen MP; Cui X; Wang A; Seidel J; Stride JA; Green MA; Hao X, 2022, 'Manipulating the Distributions of Na and Cd by Moisture-Assisted Postdeposition Annealing for Efficient Kesterite Cu2ZnSnS4 Solar Cells', Solar RRL, 6,

Tabernig SW; Soeriyadi AH; Römer U; Pusch A; Lamers D; Juhl MK; Payne DNR; Nielsen MP; Polman A; Ekins-Daukes NJ, 2022, 'Avoiding Shading Losses in Concentrator Photovoltaics Using a Soft-Imprinted Cloaking Geometry', IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics, 12, pp. 1116 - 1127,

Sun H; Huang J; Young TL; Cong J; Li J; Sun K; Yan C; Soufiani AM; Cui X; Nielsen MP; Zhang X; Stride JA; Green MA; Hao X, 2022, 'Defect Engineering for Efficient Cu2ZnSnS4 Solar Cells via Moisture-Assisted Post-Deposition Annealing', Advanced Optical Materials, 10,

Röhr JA; Sartor BE; Duenow JN; Qin Z; Meng J; Lipton J; Maclean SA; Römer U; Nielsen MP; Zhao S; Kong J; Reese MO; Steiner MA; Ekins-Daukes NJ; Taylor AD, 2022, 'Identifying optimal photovoltaic technologies for underwater applications', iScience, 25,

Baldacchino AJ; Collins MI; Nielsen MP; Schmidt TW; McCamey DR; Tayebjee MJY, 2022, 'Singlet fission photovoltaics: Progress and promising pathways', Chemical Physics Reviews, 3,

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Shahrokhi S; Dubajic M; Dai ZZ; Bhattacharyya S; Mole RA; Rule KC; Bhadbhade M; Tian R; Mussakhanuly N; Guan X; Yin Y; Nielsen MP; Hu L; Lin CH; Chang SLY; Wang D; Kabakova IV; Conibeer G; Bremner S; Li XG; Cazorla C; Wu T, 2022, 'Anomalous Structural Evolution and Glassy Lattice in Mixed-Halide Hybrid Perovskites', Small, 18,

Sharma AS; Pusch A; Nielsen MP; Römer U; Tayebjee MJY; Rougieux FE; Ekins-Daukes NJ, 2022, 'Constraints imposed by the sparse solar photon flux on upconversion and hot carrier solar cells', Solar Energy, 237, pp. 44 - 51,

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Steiner MA; France RM; Buencuerpo J; Geisz JF; Nielsen MP; Pusch A; Olavarria WJ; Young M; Ekins-Daukes NJ, 2021, 'High Efficiency Inverted GaAs and GaInP/GaAs Solar Cells With Strain-Balanced GaInAs/GaAsP Quantum Wells', Advanced Energy Materials, 11,

Zhang Y; Huang J; Zhang X; Chin RL; Nielsen MP; Rey G; Zeng Y; Kampwerth H; Hameiri Z; Ekins-Daukes NJ; Hao X, 2020, 'Deep-level defect in quasi-vertically oriented CuSbS2 thin film', Solar RRL, 4, pp. 2000319 - 2000319,

Grinblat G; Zhang H; Nielsen MP; Krivitsky L; Berté R; Li Y; Tilmann B; Cortés E; Oulton RF; Kuznetsov AI; Maier SA, 2020, 'Efficient ultrafast all-optical modulation in a nonlinear crystalline gallium phosphide nanodisk at the anapole excitation', Science Advances, 6,

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